Tournament Style Wars and/or Alliances partnering for war??

Big Romeeyo

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May 15, 2021
Been playing for a few years now, and it’d be cool if BigHugeGames put a spin on the monotonous grind of world wars. It’d be awesome if alliance leaders and co-leaders had an option to initiate a “solo war” as usual, OR to reach out to their counterparts in other alliances to organize a partnership against opposing alliances who have also partnered up. A “partner war” could be solicited the same way regular world wars are, except the partnering alliances actually get to interact with each other to strategize against their opponents...PLUS the take-home bank is significantly better, the honor point wins/losses are extremely higher, and the conqueror’s chest are much more plentiful! If an alliance requesting to partner has low glory points or lower aged bases/XP such that they appear to be more of a liability than an asset...the other alliance can require an (optional) up-front honorarium fee to participate and/or reparations if they lose due to the poor performance of their partner alliance. The fee can be as high as the bigger/better alliance chooses, and can be paid by one or all members of the other alliance in the same fashion as “speed-ups“ are paid in alliance speed up perks from parliament. Or, they can turn it down and move on.

WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? I think this would put a fun spin on the dominations game. These joined alliances could share offensive tips, make suggestions to each other’s base configurations, and even donate to members of other alliances to make them stronger. And if you’re sneaky..this could even be a clever way of scouting talent in members of other alliances and persuading them to cross over when all is said and done. Lastly, you should be able to bookmark certain alliances you have partnered with in the past for future partnership opportunities...if they were any good. I hope BigHugeGames considers this!!!

Thanks for reading!


BHG Moderator
Jun 8, 2020
Thanks for the suggestions! We recently held a community run tournament called Friday Night Fights and are planning to organize another season for it. Check out the DomiNations Prime Discord ( ) if that's something your Alliance would like to be involved in!