Troop Card Glitch


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Sep 22, 2016
Despite what you say, it IS possible to max without money, just not possible to max 'right now'. That's a fact of time, not mathematics. Make sure you understand the difference. :D

I don't know what you meant by the 'fact of time' statement but I think what you should've actually said is this.
At one point in time, the game will stop receiving new content and the game will be left 1-2 years (assuming current trends, that timespan should be enough) without new content, at which point non-payers will be able to max out their accounts.
That is a possibility, but it is also likely the game will simply be shut down before giving enough time.
Call it as you wish, fact of time or mathematics (though simple mathematics is the way to get to this conclusion) but this is the fact.
This has nothing to do with 'maxing out right now' but it has all to do with 'maxing out at all' from the perspective of a non-payer.

And you've clearly missed my point about 'advantages'. You just talk about winning, I'm talking about the lessons learnt in a difficult situation.
If all you get out of this game is that you have to win, then you've lost.

This is a multiplayer city-builder strategy game. The point of a multiplayer strategy game is competition. You're attacking player-made bases for loot to upgrade your stuff. Attacking player-made bases in war. Learning strategies of attacking better and learning better coordination of your teammates (if you are council, coleader, leader) to win more world wars. The game is made around competition in mind, as most multiplayer strategy games are, it is all about different types of 'wins' but they are victories regardless, against other players.

But, I didn't even have to make this above point because essentially you and I hold the same opinion, even though it might not look like that to you at first and the conclusion you made doesn't hold up to what you said.

Let me take this 'lessons learned in a difficult situation'
Lessons learned in a difficult situation -> learn your mistakes so you can do better next time -> do better next time so you can win -> your goal is to win.
Just follow your own line of thought to the conclusion. You wouldn't be learning from your mistakes unless your ulterior motive is to get better and win next time, isn't it?

To address the previous point in your previous post.
Time tie breaker wars are one of the most exciting wars to have (assuming both sides are on equal footing i.e. no sandbags and no pay to win troop cards). Every attack matters and it's a true show of skill. It's a gripping reminder of what the game could've been, for a much larger number of world wars. You know what is boring on the other hand? Rolling a mismatched unskilled team or getting rolled by way of sandbag mismatches. Or pay to win and sandbag combined.
Unfortunately, this matchmaking system is plagued with sandbagging tactics and pay to win troop cards.
Thus, the main factor into deciding who is the best (or more appropriately said, which teams are better than other teams) are sandbagging tactics and the number of 0's in your bank account, and not skill (the only thing that has something to do with interacting with the game and getting better at).
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Sep 26, 2016
''Lessons learned in a difficult situation -> learn your mistakes so you can do better next time -> do better next time so you can win -> your goal is to win''
Your goal, and the goal of others, might be to win, and there's nothing wrong with that. My goal is simply to get better. :)
But anyway, thanks for the dissection. :D