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    We're working on a solution for players who have repeated issues retraining troops. If you're not encountering any problems while using the Instant Retrain Blessing, feel free to continue using the Instant Retrain Blessing. However, if you are still experiencing issues retraining troops and have used an Instant Retrain Blessing, please reach out to CS.

two new tactic ideas and 1 defensive building idea


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Aug 6, 2021
Confusion tactic : causes enemy defenders in an area to attack each other for 5 seconds, including enemy generals. ( available from enlightenment age )

Drone recon tactic : marks enemy targets (defenders+buildings) in an area against whom your troops again +2 range ( available from Drone age )

Drone surveillance post : defensive buildings around it gain +2 range, missile silo unaffected. ( available from Drone age )

It randomly came to my mind, thought Id share these here before I forget them