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Unable to Complete Trade with Rubies


New member
May 6, 2019
I have been having trouble completing trades at Marco Polo and VIP using rubies for months, maybe even a year. After I report the incidents to Customer Service, the problem stops briefly, allowing me to conduct one to four trades and then it is back to the message Unable to Complete Trade, Please Try Again. (see image) I have deleted the application and restored it, leaving my data on the phone. I have reduced memory usage but there was really no problem there. I have a wireless router in the same room with me and reception is exceptional. Purchases and game play are working fine. I have an iPhone 8 Plus with IOS version 13.7. I have the latest Dominations update. I have 148 GB of memory available.

Lately, Customer Service has been telling me they are working on a fix, but I see no mention of the problem in Known Issues. The Sticky posting is from February 2020 and searching rubies as a keyword didn't provide any related posts. Can someone explain what fix is ongoing and where I can read more about the issue? I rely on ruby purchases of National Trade Goods at Marco so I can acquire coalitions.



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