War Bases and road connections?


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Jun 1, 2016
I've been unable to get a clear answer from various sources on these issues and would like some assistance from the forums.

As a seasoned player, I heard somewhere a long time ago that when building your war base, you did not need to connect the road to the town center. I have been utilizing that train of thought for a long time now.

The other day, someone calls me out on this and we are now in the midst of trying to ascertain some basics here.

1. Does connecting the road to the town center on a WAR BASE help in any way, shape or form?

2. On a HOME base, the town center accumulates hit points through connecting buildings to the town center via the road and the technology bonus. Are there any hit points for the WAR base? How are they accumulated?

Thanks for your help!


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Apr 14, 2016
i would think the town center hp bonus from connections is the same for war bases as it is for home bases, but i am not certain.

you can test it with friendly matches. once with road connection, once without, see how long a few howitzers take to destroy the center


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Jan 19, 2016
From January 2016, provided by one of the design staff in a discussion of the war design/testing process:

"One feature that went through several iterations over the course of development was the Road Network Town Center Health Bonus. Because roads wouldn’t provide any Gold income on a War Base, players didn’t have a reason to strategically place them. We initially examined a bonus to your War Loot based on the number of buildings connected to the Town Center. While this was similar to the existing road bonus, we wanted to encourage players to attack strong opponents for awesome War Loot rewards. Additionally, we felt that an economic bonus wouldn’t be as synonymous with constructing a War Base as a defensive bonus would be.

We decided that the final effect, bonus Town Center health per building connected via roads, worked best because it reinforced the idea that earning stars was the most important goal in World War. This also makes placing roads more interesting for normal multiplayer battles. Players who maximize the health bonus make it significantly harder for attackers to get the crucial Town Center destruction star."