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Apr 19, 2015
Please join me in boycotting this game by not spending another single pennie on this game. BHG and NEXON have been told about some issues months ago and they still have not fixed them they say they fixed the hack about people being able to add extra buildings to their bases well look at this base i just found and yes it is an active base right now as I right this message. Everyday there is another hack or bug found and expolited by the same group of people that think that if its found in the game then its ok to use (and BHG knows who they are and still will not ban them). Well anyone with an ounce of common sense and dignity knows that if you find a bug you should report the bug NOT use the bug to help you get an advantage in your game play or the building of your base doing this is cheating. you people exploiting these bugs can try to justify the use of bugs all you want to make yourself feel better but the truth is the truth. using a bug that everyone else does not have access to is cheating. many of these bugs people are exploiting are being found on android devices so everyone else does not have access to them, its cheating people. people that are spending money on crowns are being ripped off by these cheats and most of all by BHG and Nexon for not fixing the bugs. they are allowing hacks and bugs to exist for months and months. the so called treaty bug is a joke, they have known about this bug since April the 8th and they still have not fixed it but instead they extend the length of treaties. OMG WTF BHG, how about fixing the treaty bug before you go making changes to the treaty lengths. I SAY EVERYONE TAHT PLAYS THE GAME HOMESTLY SHOULD START A BOYCOTT, DO NOT SPEND ANOTHER PENNY AND THEN MAYBE JUST MAYBE WHEN THEY STOP MAKING MONEY THEY WILL CARE ENOUGH TO FIX THE PROBLEMS IN THE GAME. This is just too much, the daily problems that go unfixed, the daily new problems that go ignored and all the while most of our request for help are ignored or we get the standard response from nexon saying they will look into it. never in the history of IOS or android gaming has such and incompitent company existed. people the mear fact that these companies are ignoring are request for help while still taking out money in my opinion is criminal. i have defended BHG and supported them until today, their excuses are too many and its time for us as gamers to stop spending money or maybe better yet find a another game. its not like this is the only game of its kind.


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