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    Forging Alligience Event- French nation

    so thats it.... french..., without benefits
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    Dutch Warlords --- De snelst groeiende nederlandse alliantie zoekt actieve leden !!!

    Dutch warlords.... still going strong.... Ben je nederlandstalig en heb je zin om dit spel in een grote leuke actieve groep mee te maken, kom dan bij de dutch warlords. met 8 groepen, is er altijd een alliance die bij jou past !! Tot snel !
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    Epic alliance war.... Dutch warlords7 VS. Dutch warlords3

    we are dutch, most of us speak at least2 or 3 other languages
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    Alliance troops dont defend.

    Aha, that I didnt know, I always assumed they come out with the foor soldiers... never too late to learn.. But, then again, my troops come out to defend, maybe others get lazy troops, or forgot to pay them for their effords.. :-)
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    How do you ban troublemakers from an alliance?

    report the guy(s) at nexon, demand a permanent ban because he asked for player ID
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    Alliance troops dont defend.

    Took me 5 minutes to check, and they do defintly come out the TC, I had gatlings waiting for the attacker, very obvious, they came out However, I did notice this already in war battles, the troops come out before the timer on the TC is finished.... I had multiple times in war battles, throwing...
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    Alliance troops dont defend.

    I'll have to check this one, but indeed it is tricky... 1. if you request, most of the time you get the troops after reopening the chat window.., so be patient, before loggin off, wait for those defenders to arrive. 2. If your TC is in upgrade, they do not come out.... 3. if they do come out...
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    To be honest, like in real wars, you got good and bad cooperating allies, coop with it, make rules within your Alliance, it is not a perfect world... I rather see some major bugs dissapear from the chat/request/donation list then adding new features to a already annoying buggy chat boax as it...
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    World War Battle Log - order should be reversed

    indeed, reversve the battle order and attach playback possibillity ! also display the stars already gained on a base, somewhere on screen when scouting through the bases.
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    Contacting player

    Yes, line is the key here, accidental kicks will occur, as well as tablet/pad failure. So, to keep track of what is going on in your Alliance, try getting everybody on the "line" app
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    Epic alliance war.... Dutch warlords7 VS. Dutch warlords3

    You can have 3 of the grootste .... if you can handle dutch grootste...... Personaly I would recommend de gezelligste...:) It is an intresting war btw... really intresting to discuss the base layout and attack formation, with your enemy after an attack... This triggers the question towards...
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    Dutch Warlords --- De snelst groeiende nederlandse alliantie zoekt actieve leden !!!

    kom erbij kom erbij kom erbijijijijijijijijiji
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    Being scouted

    indeed, Being scouted doesn't mean, you are being scouted, it means, you are in a list to get scouted. By all means, log in before your peace treaty ends, and you have no trouble with being set in a list for scouting.....
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    Not receiving alliance donations

    Try this: Request.. Donate go back to your base of request. minimize app, call it back, open the chat close it. Most of the time you'll get the troops after logging out/int, minimize/callback app and/or opening/closing the chat window. fiddel around, yes it is buggy, but I almost Always...
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    no quick victory star given in WW

    Every time this happens, it is because the battle time is longer......, so a battle time of 3:30, you need to get the first star before 2:30 So as far as I know, there has never been a bug of this kind, check your battle timer, and start a stopwatch from the moment of attack, quick victories...