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  1. Eddie F1

    Event Speedy Troop and Tactics

    50% faster troops and 75% faster tactics is how it should be all the time, the game has a feel of progress rather than a 'Watching Paint Dry* Simulator' - add it as a permanent feature. I was going to have a poll, but a single option is not an option. * Grass Growing * Beards Grow (except for...
  2. Eddie F1

    Old Geezer - 'Upgrade Your Command Post'

    I'm all for new content but does the Old Guy have to constantly tell me to upgrade my CP (already maxed at Level 7) because the forthcoming war loot won't fit - CP is actually empty, and will hold 2,400,000 and even the generous folk at Nexon haven't increased war loot by that much.
  3. Eddie F1

    Do SAM sites actually work?

    Finished two last night, plonked them down, just watched this morning's replay and attacker's planes just flew straight over the top of them a few times without going off. I'll have to wait another 9hours until PT runs out to check again.
  4. Eddie F1

    Dominations: Population XX

    I've been playing since mid April 2015, now at 175 Global. I was sat at ~2500 medals for months, nice place to be, but as I had a max global army thought I'd meander up to 3200 medals, tick that achievement box, collect my 2000 crowns. Wherever you are in this game, you have your own personal...
  5. Eddie F1

    Top Tip for Designers/Developers

    Read your own forums, your players knows more about this game and it's problems/lack of success and how to fix it than you do. (A free 39 defence win to whoever can spot the flawed logic)
  6. Eddie F1

    Next, Next, Crash, Restart, Next, Next, Next, Crash...

    As the title says, pressing 'Next' to search out a worthy medal-laden opponent, leaves me looking at iPad Air home screen. Happening far too frequently, 5 times this afternoon in 10 minutes. Naturally try to reload the game before some oik decides to attack me in my temporary absence. Is it...
  7. Eddie F1

    League Season Bug

    What is the point of this unfinished League Season? Were we supposed to get some reward? Or just this blank page every two weeks (unless you happen to move up or down a league then it mysteriously fills in with half dozen names) It's been like this for over a year, stop adding more crappy...
  8. Eddie F1

    Top Players Leaderboard

    http://imgur.com/a/B7fxM What's going on at the bottom for the Players Leaderboard? I'd add the image except this useless forum thinks images saved with Photoshop, that industry standard software, are invalid.
  9. Eddie F1

    Big Huge Loot Event Bug

    Flammpanzer only counts as 1, should be 2 Regards, ChiefPlayTester
  10. Eddie F1

    Crashing while 'Nexting'

    I'm having to do a lot of pressing 'Next' to find a suitable base to attack and while having to deal with 'No Opponent' the game now decides to crash back to iPad home screen on pressing next. Whether it is trying to load a corrupt base, a base with some legacy event building or just a memory...
  11. Eddie F1

    Ally Troop Donation

    Plenty of bug reports already on variations of this: Sometimes the request just never shows up at all, so have to wait 20 minutes to redo it, or cough up a criminal amount of crowns. Put in a request for 33 troops, filled up 30. Used those up, the next request still had 30/33 with TC devoid of...
  12. Eddie F1

    Starter Pack 2 - More Than One?

    I've noticed a few bases with 9 houses and 18 workers being busy. Sent them to CS who kindly explained how Chinese players get an extra worker, so nothing wrong, except these players are French, German, British, etc. And I'm fairly sure the extra Chinese worker doesn't get a house to...
  13. Eddie F1

    Achievement - Take Flight

    Perusing my Achievements and the Take Flight is an odd one - 'Train 500 Airplanes for battle' = 20 crowns. Surely it should say 'Crash 500 Airplanes', if you were very good you'd only need to build them once! So far I've crashed 466 planes, but I blame that idiot triplane pilot doing victory...
  14. Eddie F1

    Looted Trade Goods on Attack & Defence

    Can't see it in the official bug list and the unofficial one is pages long but on the battle report screen for both attack and defence any looted trade goods only show as 1 not the actual quantity pilfered. i.e if you steal 3 cider it will say 1 cider. If you lose 2 diamonds it will say 1...
  15. Eddie F1

    £29.99 for quick Assault Infantry upgrade!

    Ha, ha, ha ,ha, lol You seriously think less than a fraction of 1% of this game is worth £30? The whole caboodle upwards of £3000? When it's finally out of beta test and all the bugs, crashes, hackers, stupid medal system, non-existent economy, ineffective defence, ropey alliance functions and...