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"*American Kings" Now Recruiting!


Approved user
Apr 17, 2015
"American Kings" wants you to be apart of our quickly growing alliance. Rules to keep in mind before applying. 1. Be active. I want there to eventually be a time where there is always at least one other person online to chat with and be able to donate troops. 2. Be respectful. We don't care about jokes that might cause tension in the alliance. 3. Donate whenever you can! Try to keep the ratio ATLEAST 1:1. 4. Don't bash on other people's bases or methods. If you notice that someone might need a little help in some areas, feel free to give advice and don't be offended if someone offers advice. Once we get enough members, I will be creating a web page to help keep everything organized. I am unsure at the moment which software I will be publishing it from. To join us, uncheck the clean language only box and search "*American Kings" Hope to see you as one of our members.