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App not launching


Approved user
Apr 9, 2015
This is a long shot, but I'll see if the crowd has run into this before. My tablet (iPad Air 2) stopped launching DomiNations suddenly. It gets to the intro splash screen and load crawl, then crashes. iPad Air 2 is not exactly bleeding edge, but it's always run the game fine (and my ancient iPhone 6 Plus is still launching it no problem). I have:
  • cleared a ton of space on the device; now more than 5GB available
  • restarted the device several times
  • uninstalled and reinstalled DomiNations several times
The tablet works for everything else I do. Customer service so far unresponsive. Has anyone run into a similar situation, or have any ideas that have a fighting chance of working. I have fat fingers and old man eyes, and can't imagine trying to play on my phone.