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Dec 17, 2020
Hi guys, I'm pretty new to the game and still didn't leave Gunpowder Age, so if the what I'm proposing is already in but available later on feel free to close the topic and tell me how dumb I am, however I couldn't find anything searching here or on Google.
I like to plan my next upgrades in advance in relation to what resource I have more, calculating the daily production now is a little bit of a process considering bonuses etc from various buildings, add to the equation some PVP loss/gain and I'd need to write everything down irl, wouldn't it be nice and lore-friendly to have some building on the line of the Archive (let's say for example I don't know a City Hall or Treasury) which had a day/week/month balance with maybe a couple of cool graphs?

I'm attaching a picture from another game to show more clearly what I mean, and I hope this suggestion doesn't sound rude, really love how the product already is.


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May 29, 2018
Nice idea, but not required as it's very easy here to get resources. In my personal experience, most of the time my Market and Mills are full. BTW , I am in digital age.
Thumb rule, I used to follow around Gunpowder age was to keep 120% resource of the required number so even if I loose some, still there be enough for next upgrade.