Changes at Digital Age - holy miss match Batman


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Nov 5, 2020
I popped to Digital Age last month with what is now a 286 Star base. I guess once you hit Digital the whole +1/-1 age basis for attacks goes away. (Missed that). I seem to be getti regular attacks from Drone Age bases. That’s a little lopsided.

In any case I’ve always thought the medals system for matching up opponents was a bad idea. The whole losing 50 or 100 battles just to shed medals is not entertaining or fun. Now my base, sitting on 3100ish medals with better than average for my Age defensive buffs in the Museum and Council got attacked and whacked by a 386 star Drone age base. With a recon drone and 4 of his 6 fighters the attack wiped out my HQ on the first pass.

Against my contemporaries my base typically defends more, sometimes a lot more than it loses.

The point being, games always have balance issues, but this is ridiculous. I’ve played this game for a lot of yrs now, and I’ve read the grousing about balance and never felt it was an issue (other than the Helicopter super buff) at my level. I think I’ve found my seat at the table.


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Aug 18, 2016
I have 66% restitution of loot so I don’t mind that I get attacked..I get free loot back…
Sep 7, 2023
It has nothing to do with balance. You've been attacked by someone two ages higher than you with two ages of improved troops. It's always been the case that the highest age can attack 2 ages down. Bit of a rude awakening but it is what it is.
Agreed. Just think about current military vs WW2 era warfare… it would be lopsided to put it lightly