Compensate Users for Bugs

Chris Brettargh

Approved user
Jan 4, 2015
I have been playing for quite a while now, and although I really enjoy the game, the glitches and loss of resources and troops because of this is growing tiresome and frustrating.
I have emailed support about this and they stated that they were working on it and it will be fixed in the next update - the update was released and still the problems.
I have lost a heap of resources because of the glitch - mainly shows up during multiplayer battles where the game exits and I lose all of my troops and gained resources.
I have purchased a considerable amount of crowns lately as well and for my $75 it has virtually gotten me nowhere. I understand that it is a freemium game and I get that they need to make money and considering it is partially created by the company that made Rise of Nations, my childhood favourite, I have no issue giving money... I just think that there needs to be some kind of compensation for the current users who are plagued by these glitches and they need to come up with a realistic timetable and keep users updated.
Furthermore, it would be nice to see crown costs lowered, i.e.: 897 crowns to upgrade a farm - it's a bit ridiculous considering the cost of the crowns.