DomiNations 2 Year Anniversary! v5.5 Update Notes -


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May 16, 2016
DomiNations 2 Year Anniversary! v5.5 Update Notes

v5.5.X ‘DomiNations 2 Year Anniversary’ update is here!

Marco Polo, the Traveling Merchant
  • Marco Polo now periodically visits your town to offer his wares!
  • Trade with him for Troop Tactics, Event Buildings, National Trade Goods, and more!
Friendly Challenges (Not yet activated!)
  • Challenge your Alliance members in practice battles to hone your strategy
  • Create your own Challenges to test out new Town and War Base layouts
  • Friendly Challenges don’t consume troops, medals, or resources!
New University Leader: Amelia Earhart
  • Research Amelia Earhart’s skill tree at the University to bolster your air force and oil economy!
  • Harness the power of her Capstone Skill, The Ninety Nines, which gives you +1 additional air capacity
New World War Tie-Breaker
  • If two Alliances finish a World War with the same number of stars and average destruction, the winner is now determined by who has the least amount of time elapsed in battle
  • In ties, winning your battles as fast as possible is the key to winning the war!
  • Only the time elapsed from the best attack against each War Base counts
New Atomic Age Upgrades
  • Farms and Caravans can now be upgraded to level 18
  • Oil Wells can now be upgraded to level 6
  • The University can now be upgraded to level 6
  • Fighters and Bombers can now be upgraded to level 18
  • Transports can now be upgraded to level 12
Other Improvements
  • A new ‘Recommended Upgrades’ button has been added next to the Store button to provide advice on what to upgrade next
  • A Quick Victory star timer has been added to the battle HUD for easier tracking in battle
  • Improve your strategic planning with more information on the World War Scouting screen
  • The Announcements window now has tabs so you don’t miss out on discounts, sales, events, and updates!
Performance Improvements
  • Improved performance and stability on older devices
  • Fixed a handful of rare crashes
Balance Updates
  • Betrayal, Protect, and Sabotage Tactics now cost 2 Tactics Capacity (was 1)
  • War Academy level 5 (Enlightenment Age) now provides +1 Tactics Capacity (was +0), increasing Tactics Capacity by 1 from Enlightenment Age onward
  • Stronghold now spawns the any remaining donated Troop Tactics when destroyed
  • Fixed Atomic Age HP for French Consulate, Khan Dais, Zulu Kraal, and Long House (was 1600, is now 1950)
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Prevented a crash when dropping Troop Tactics in battle
  • Fixed a crash on the battle results window
  • Prevented a rare crash when going into World War battles
  • Fixed a crash caused by claiming a tactic without a War Academy
  • Game no longer crashes when tapping on the Aztec Temple
  • Fixed a disconnect caused when players sped up University research
  • Fixed an issue where adding or removing Troop Tactics from the Stronghold could cause them to be lost or duplicated
  • Troop Tactics are now included in the World War battle prep window
  • Stronghold properly updates with when new Troop Tactics are added
  • Same Troop Tactics with different levels will now appear sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed an issue causing too many donated troops to spawn in World War battles
  • Offensive Blessings now show up in Attack History even if only Troop Tactics were used on offense
  • Coalitions more reliably appear in the World War map
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong image could appear in the Announcements window
  • Fixed bonus Trade Goods not appearing on the battle results screen
  • Sneaky units like Commandos no longer trigger the S.A.M. Battery trap
  • Prevented an exploit allowing buildings to be stacked on top of each other
  • Players can now view Active Troops in Factory and Airstrip info windows
  • Players can now access friends’ Alliances through Alliance Friends tab
  • World War now displays total attack duration in place of average attack duration
  • Added attacks used and battles won to World War banner in World War report window for Battle, Alliance, and Enemy tabs
  • Clarified message when claiming a Troop Tactic reward from an event
  • Added "please wait" message when claiming Expedition rewards
  • Improved messaging for “Finish Now” or “Instant” finishing University research
  • Tower Blessing now correctly indicates that it buffs the Stronghold
  • Teutonic Fury buff effects now appear in World War battles
  • Added clarification text to Blessing descriptions: (An attack must deal 10% or more damage to your town to consume this Blessing)
  • Event building info windows now display correct stats in Bronze and Iron Ages
  • Offensive blessing info windows in Attack History now show applied buffs
  • Stradioti UI portrait no longer displays Hussar image
  • Security improvements
  • Minor art and text fixes
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Sep 26, 2016
I can see Barrage evolving into an ''area-effect'' artillery strike especially in Cold War age, this is how Nexon could buff it.
Why is ''nerfing'' always the answer? (to the questions no-one ever asked??)


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Dec 3, 2015
500 crowns as compensation for a loss of 133 medals due to "friendly" challenge bug?
Common, Nexon, that's a punch in the face, not an appropriate compensation!


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Apr 16, 2017
No Title

New decision about increasing space of sabotage and protect tactics was the worst decision I've ever seen!

Other tactics in my age are totally useless!

I'm in Gunpower age and from "Active Allies1" alliance, and normally I used 3sabotage and 1protect tactics for my attacks... but now I can only train 2sabotage or 1sabotage and 1protect tactics!
means my tactic capacity became half!

It's very very unfair! it is intolerable!
​​​​​before this crude decision it was hard to get 5* from a tough war base at the same age, but now it's totally impossible!
We migrated from Supercell to here due to their politics from their economic abuse decisions, and now seem it's time to migrate to another company!

After all, I'll challenge the determiner of this crude decision, if he could even get 4* from my war base with the same age troops and tactics then I'll deeply apologize to the game developers and keep playing the game!


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Apr 25, 2017
Stronghold troops will spawn when destroyed? So we got all these armies from the Power plant event and they all will be wasted if left there? I really hope not. Tactics ballance is not acceptable. I thought this was going to be my game to play with my friends and colleagues. I guess not. Greed always spoil everything, isn't it?


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Apr 27, 2017
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I have been playing for a bit and have never seen a need to post in these forums but after the last update i thought i needed too. Im a ftp player and just hit gunpowder age. I read that the tactics change was made to help late game but its also hurting early game. I havent upgraded my tactics building yet so i was able to bring 2 sado 1 protect to wars. Now i have to upgrade my tactics buiding for 1.5 mil food to be able to do the same thing. I know thats not alot for the big players but it is for me. So i spend 1.5mil to get back what i had before the update.. How is that an upgrade. Why hurt the lower players to balance put end game players???

My 2nd issue is war match making. I think this needs to be reprogrammed from the ground up. We just had a war where the other team sandbagged 4 low lvl players who didnt even attack in the war so their top 11 could 5 star all of our bases. This update does nothing to help this unless it's a tie? That makes no sense since their is no way for us to tie them.

Please fix match making for wars and think about the low level players before make sweeping changes for end game people. Now i have to upgrade a building just to get back what i had before your update.

Now i may be one of few on here posting this but im sure there are many more feeling the same way.

You have a great game that we want to continue to enjoy but remember with so many apps out there you will lose a player base willing to move on to a similar game.


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Apr 12, 2017
Stronghold troops will spawn when destroyed? So we got all these armies from the Power plant event and they all will be wasted if left there? I really hope not. Tactics ballance is not acceptable. I thought this was going to be my game to play with my friends and colleagues. I guess not. Greed always spoil everything, isn't it?

No, stronghold deploys troop tactics that have been donated by allies to your war base only. Doesn't affect regular town base, and doesn't affect the troops that you own.


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Feb 8, 2016
For now the update is quit ok...however one thing has to say....the tactics how it is now is really sucks. I choose when the Korean came for the Korean because of the extra tactic. Now the tactic settings has changed is to choose Korean no longer interest. This is really a bad dissension!