DomiNations 2 Year Anniversary! v5.5 Update Notes -


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May 16, 2016
DomiNations 2 Year Anniversary! v5.5 Update Notes

v5.5.X ‘DomiNations 2 Year Anniversary’ update is here!

Marco Polo, the Traveling Merchant
  • Marco Polo now periodically visits your town to offer his wares!
  • Trade with him for Troop Tactics, Event Buildings, National Trade Goods, and more!
Friendly Challenges (Not yet activated!)
  • Challenge your Alliance members in practice battles to hone your strategy
  • Create your own Challenges to test out new Town and War Base layouts
  • Friendly Challenges don’t consume troops, medals, or resources!
New University Leader: Amelia Earhart
  • Research Amelia Earhart’s skill tree at the University to bolster your air force and oil economy!
  • Harness the power of her Capstone Skill, The Ninety Nines, which gives you +1 additional air capacity
New World War Tie-Breaker
  • If two Alliances finish a World War with the same number of stars and average destruction, the winner is now determined by who has the least amount of time elapsed in battle
  • In ties, winning your battles as fast as possible is the key to winning the war!
  • Only the time elapsed from the best attack against each War Base counts
New Atomic Age Upgrades
  • Farms and Caravans can now be upgraded to level 18
  • Oil Wells can now be upgraded to level 6
  • The University can now be upgraded to level 6
  • Fighters and Bombers can now be upgraded to level 18
  • Transports can now be upgraded to level 12
Other Improvements
  • A new ‘Recommended Upgrades’ button has been added next to the Store button to provide advice on what to upgrade next
  • A Quick Victory star timer has been added to the battle HUD for easier tracking in battle
  • Improve your strategic planning with more information on the World War Scouting screen
  • The Announcements window now has tabs so you don’t miss out on discounts, sales, events, and updates!
Performance Improvements
  • Improved performance and stability on older devices
  • Fixed a handful of rare crashes
Balance Updates
  • Betrayal, Protect, and Sabotage Tactics now cost 2 Tactics Capacity (was 1)
  • War Academy level 5 (Enlightenment Age) now provides +1 Tactics Capacity (was +0), increasing Tactics Capacity by 1 from Enlightenment Age onward
  • Stronghold now spawns the any remaining donated Troop Tactics when destroyed
  • Fixed Atomic Age HP for French Consulate, Khan Dais, Zulu Kraal, and Long House (was 1600, is now 1950)
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Prevented a crash when dropping Troop Tactics in battle
  • Fixed a crash on the battle results window
  • Prevented a rare crash when going into World War battles
  • Fixed a crash caused by claiming a tactic without a War Academy
  • Game no longer crashes when tapping on the Aztec Temple
  • Fixed a disconnect caused when players sped up University research
  • Fixed an issue where adding or removing Troop Tactics from the Stronghold could cause them to be lost or duplicated
  • Troop Tactics are now included in the World War battle prep window
  • Stronghold properly updates with when new Troop Tactics are added
  • Same Troop Tactics with different levels will now appear sorted alphabetically
  • Fixed an issue causing too many donated troops to spawn in World War battles
  • Offensive Blessings now show up in Attack History even if only Troop Tactics were used on offense
  • Coalitions more reliably appear in the World War map
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong image could appear in the Announcements window
  • Fixed bonus Trade Goods not appearing on the battle results screen
  • Sneaky units like Commandos no longer trigger the S.A.M. Battery trap
  • Prevented an exploit allowing buildings to be stacked on top of each other
  • Players can now view Active Troops in Factory and Airstrip info windows
  • Players can now access friends’ Alliances through Alliance Friends tab
  • World War now displays total attack duration in place of average attack duration
  • Added attacks used and battles won to World War banner in World War report window for Battle, Alliance, and Enemy tabs
  • Clarified message when claiming a Troop Tactic reward from an event
  • Added "please wait" message when claiming Expedition rewards
  • Improved messaging for “Finish Now” or “Instant” finishing University research
  • Tower Blessing now correctly indicates that it buffs the Stronghold
  • Teutonic Fury buff effects now appear in World War battles
  • Added clarification text to Blessing descriptions: (An attack must deal 10% or more damage to your town to consume this Blessing)
  • Event building info windows now display correct stats in Bronze and Iron Ages
  • Offensive blessing info windows in Attack History now show applied buffs
  • Stradioti UI portrait no longer displays Hussar image
  • Security improvements
  • Minor art and text fixes
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Jarl Valkyron

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Apr 6, 2016
I dont understand how does that balance of the tactics works. Industrial academy already gave a +1 so unless we get +2 from this change this is an absolute detriment for anyone who isnt korean who will have 8 spaces and wont be affected as much. (edit): This is not the way to balance late game properly as in my humble opinion that is down to wonder choices and base designs, want to make it more competitive? make national treasures more readily available to give the defensive edge , more clearly explain the pros and cons of the wonders and its different combinations dont just out of the blue destroy every player play style industrial and below. You are wrecking most peoples play style. I for one use 2 sabotages 1 protect 1 betrayal 1 decoy, this is now unusable in the best case scenario of a +2 in industrial, since ill flat out loose two of them with only 7 spaces available (and thats best case scenario we get +2).

Im absolutely not thrilled by this "balance" change in the least. Unless someone is able to explain to me an upside to this (which i see none mind you) i welcome any reply because this is ridiculous how i see it.

EDIT: Dont get me wrong as i have high expectations of almost everything else with the exception of this as i see it as a bad move and the tie-breaker rules everything else im thrilled for. Furthermore, where did the beta for war replays go? or was that for a further down the line update?

Edit2: Extremely thankful that DominationsVigiles is at least Acknowledging player frustration on this issue, but i have to stress that the tactics change from a theoretical stance shouldnt have been presented nor implemented in the first place. EA and below will have to go from using maybe 3 or 2 sabotages and 1 or 2 protection and maybe something else to just 1 of each or 2 of the same which either way is incredibly dangerous unless the base attacked is substantially overpowered. This change also throws the quality of attacks that are near age completition or have healthy bases to the gutter of IAs which needed a healthy balance of betrayal, sabotage and protection to attack successfully to now having to drop 1 of those and live in terror of what the stronghold may have


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Master Contrail Program

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Oct 1, 2016
Don't overlook stronghold now spawns remaining donated troops when destroyed. Now the wealthy sandbagging alliances can ensure tank armies or worse come out of their iron age strongholds if they wish.

Feeling balanced yet?

Jarl Valkyron

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Apr 6, 2016
This "balance" change is absolute insanity. there is no possible upside to this at all, not even with the +1 from enlightenment or even if we get an extra +1 in industrial additional to the academy upgrade which already gives +1. this will ruin most people play styles

Master Contrail Program

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Oct 1, 2016
This looks like they've given up on getting new players and are just going to squeeze the whales for everything they can. As if this game wasn't daunting enough for new players, now they get 2 useful tactics at most.


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Sep 22, 2016
DomiNations 2 Year Anniversary! v5.5 Update Notes

v5.5.X ‘DomiNations 2 Year Anniversary’ update is almost here!
  • Stronghold now spawns the any remaining donated Troop Tactics when destroyed

Am I reading this right? Stronghold donations, no matter what, will come out of the Stronghold?


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Sep 14, 2015
I don't get it... Nexon! Why don't you just communicate with your player base like normal human beings. Whats the point of Customer Services and this forum, if you don't talk with people and discuss things. 50 million players or whatever it is, can come up with great suggestions for the game as 1st person experience day to day jeats any spreadsheet etc...

You started by saying this war tactics change was because of attacks being too easy in later ages (which is in your dreams I must add!)

Now on the patch notes... unless I am being thick, as a Global I will gain 3 War Academy slots... so actually I won't be affected too badly and not so bothered..

BUT.... This was, as you said to balance later ages because of ease... lol All this has done is really really punish the poor people just starting out in your game.

I tell you what, you might do the poor buggers a favour and they will quit early on due to getting no pleasure from winning battles before they invest so mich time and money that it makes the decision much harder...

Run Away Newbies.... while you still can... hahahaha


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Apr 7, 2016
Everything in this update seems to ignore that their are players below Industrial.

Nexon is going to recommend to new players what to upgrade? They don't even know how to play their own game!