Frankenstein Event 10/7-10/10


BHG Community Manager
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May 6, 2022

This weekend is our Frankenstein Event!

The lumbering Frankenstein’s Monster as we know him today was born from the novel Frankenstein, published in 1818 by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. The book is hailed not only as classic literature but as the world's first true Science Fiction novel. At the time the book was written, it challenged philosophical Romantic ideals about beauty and goodness.

Frankenstein was conceptualized in 1816 by Shelley when she, her husband, and some of their friends competed to see who could write the best horror story. Inspired by her travels through Germany and Geneva, Shelly conceptualized the story of Frankenstein, and the rest is history.

The greatest misconception of the tale is that the name “Frankenstein” refers to the monster, and not the scientist who created him. Though even this accentuates the question the novel asks; who is the true monster--the creature, or the creator who abandoned him?

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