Ideas for Art gallery


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Feb 6, 2020
1. Each has a variety of exhibition halls where you can choose from a different theme.

2. If you select a specific theme in the exhibition halls, the artwork displayed will receive a theme-based boost.

3. There are three benefits per artwork, and the museum's resources are consumed to activate all the benefits. (supplies, researchers, Benefactors)

4. The more members of the alliance, the higher the probability of acquiring the unlocked benefits.

5. It is regenerated every 23 hours, allowing a leader or co-leader to start an auction.

6. Gold, Food, and Oil can be chosen by the leader or co-leader at the auction.

7. Legendary artwork with four benefits can only be obtained through Marco Polo, World War Victory Chest, and billing.

8. The artwork benefits don't give buildings and units a balance-related boost.

9. There are three or more benefits of artwork.
-Cost : Legal Costs, Armory research cost, etc.
-Storage : Resource Storage Capacity, War Tactic Capacity, Troop Capacity, etc.
-Time : Armory Research Time, Building Upgrade Time, Troop Training Time, etc.