IMPORTANT: Museum bonus 85% limit true?


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Jul 24, 2017
If you pull up the list of active benefits in the museum (green arrow).
Right below the words “Active Benefits” it states that benefits that “debuff your opponent cannot exceed 85%”
Does anyone know how this works exactly?
Does “debuff” include being stronger offensively against their defense?
For example, I have a cumulative benefit of 109% damage for my generals. Does this mean I’m only getting 85% of that benefit?
Also, I’m assuming this doesn’t affect resources.
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May 2, 2015
"debuff" means decreasing the abilities of your opponent.
For example "Invading Generals' Hitpoints" -100% would mean that the invading generals would have no hitpoints and would instantly die when deployed - therefore there is a cap (-85%).
The same is for all the lines with decreasing the hitpoints or damage (negative percentage) of opponents invading troops and hitpoints or damage of his buildings when you attack his base

But increasing own troops or building "abilities" are not capped. So "Tower Hitpoints" +125% means in reality that the base hitpoints of your Towers will be increased by 120%, similarly with your example of 109% increase of the damage your own generals.
So lines stating debuffing opponents troops or structure - these are your "benefits" - which cannot exceed the 85%

There is though a little twist in this that - before the battle - yours and the opponents identical lines including coallition modifiers are summed up before applying the cap.
That means that f.e. when you hit a base with the maxed coallition debuff of Filipinos having Invading Airstrip Troops Damage at -68% is added to the Invading Fighters Damage (lets say -40%) of the attacked base and this is added to the attackers Fighter Damage percentage (+10%). The result is -68%-40%+10=-98% and thus this is set to -85%

There is one more exception I believe, that the Looted Resource Refund (which is in fact you benefit) cannot exceed 85%