It starts again


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Jul 26, 2016
Hello, after
one year abcense in worldwar, i started again. So not just donating the best troops to my alliance, but fighting myself. It went great. My 8 factory MK9 tanks and 3 high level generals were destroyed in 10 secounds by one anti tank gun. Lol. Chinese opponent. Then my digital age, level 3 bombers could not destroy a single canon. My opponent was not even close to my level. Now i remember why i stopped playing worldwar. My 3 level 32 generals were destroyed by 2 shots from the big gun. Thanks BHG.
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Mar 14, 2018
Level 32 is not high level, bro. You looked in your opponents university and museum? What are your museum stats?


is this thing on?
Apr 18, 2018
Folks are giving you a hard time but please don't take it the wrong way; there's honest truth behind all these comments. Instead do consider it as a learning opportunity as while the game has changed it still can be fun.

For example, attack planning is more important now. We can't let troops spend time around Anti-Tank guns and instead must remove that threat (with planes) before they shoot your heavy tanks more than once. Commandos are also a thing now as they ignore hidden traps. Bombers are powerful but still fragile and can't be deployed without strategy; so consider sticking with Fighters for now. Also, consider taking lower targets until comfortable as there are extremely powerful museums out there as of Space Age which requires experience to handle. Don't give up! :)

As for War Tactics, Protect and Assault Rally are good together; and Decoy/Sabotage are awesome. No other war tactics should be used. Lastly, facing Zhukov sucks; try avoiding bases with Zhukov for now :D