New campaigns in real time

King Crimson

Approved user
Apr 21, 2016
Players, especially new players, are always asking for new campaigns once the old ones are finished. So BHG, taking an idea from your own webpage - ''Lead your nation through victorious battles while prevailing over the challenges of human history'' - why not create campaigns that allow us to defend our base in real time - like Warcraft/Starcraft/Warhammer, etc?
Some examples of 'prevailing challenges' could be Mammoths attacking a Stone Age base or a medieval base defending against an invading Celtic army or a French base being attacked by the English Armada or the Japanese defending a US invasion ....
We can deploy our defenders in real time against whatever attacks or campaigns that you (BHG) create - but it should be based on history. This would make the game much more interesting for high level players who don't need rss and are bored with the same mechanics and have no real reason to play - except for the occasional event that still offers the same tired gameplay.
A few other suggestions: Romans invading England; Hannibal attacking Asia Minor; The French revolution; The Vikings invading England; The Boxer rebellion, Japan invading Korea, Japanese Daimyo attacking each other; etc, ...