new defense building, new trap and spy defender


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Jan 19, 2016
how about add new defense building that will spawn artilleries or mortars.
it need to be filled with oil, similar with the bunker.
this building will exploded if its destroyed damaging any nearby units (attacker & defender) and other adjacent buildings.
the explosion damage depend to its leftover fill rate. it wont explode if the fill rate is empty.
explosion wont give damage to aircraft type unit.

another idea is fogging trap. it will pop thick fog which is hazardous / poisonous to attacker land unit and reduces its hp. it also slowing down the movement of the attackers.
the fog stay for several seconds.

how about new defender : a spy defenders, this unit work like an infiltrator, except it is a defender. the non general land unit wont know if this unit is against them. it can detonate bomb to tanks and buried mines on the attackers path, he can run away and explode the bombs, give damage to the attackers.
it can be killed by general, fighter and bomber only.

sorry for my english. ;)


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Oct 3, 2018
Nice ideas: or the defending spy can re arm traps ;) imagine re arm a sam or gci ;)