New Server Security.

B like Big Bug

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Sep 25, 2019
Some players got disconect frim the game when they want to set coallitions.but,why?! I will say.
for a long time,we saw tons of glitch and cheat in game.nexon started fixing it last year.some bit late,but good.
first they fixed internal bugx in game that used for tricks. in some steps.
but,some glitch stayed. same TT glitch.and mod and private server came.
a few days a go,extra workers bug,patched in was first action from games.then dominationpl site suspend .last day some bugs same using sh TT and coalitions and resourse fixed.and some players got banned.
congrats to developer for long trying to level up server security.
maybe there is some glitch yet.but im sure we won't see a base with unlimited workers or some others cheat again.
I'm sure soon and very soon ,all problems will fix.
I write this for some things;
first for thanks dominationd developer team for this actions.
secound: becarefull.maybe you get some error.same missing coallitions.but its not matter.a lot of error reporting is fake.but why?
we faced bugs,when we want nexon to make game stabillity more.(when game started.).old players remember that we got disconecting error a lot in,nexon did it ,but,bugs burned with it.
now,it will repeat. maybe some players doesn't want fixed game.they have a lot of complaints from ereor or missing site.I don't see any error in my alliance.but,if there is some error,im sure it will fix.
and don't looking for site.we all know that was eligal accses to if we see it again,it means hackers find a new way to access server and we face a lot of cheat fact we support cheater ourselves when we like somethings same that.when there is vip check,no need to anythings same site.
I hope new secourity patch all cheat.

big thanks for dominations team.


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Oct 15, 2020
Hell you cant even battle certain players because the 9.1 update is out but only for select just says cant load base. please update.

as expected the new update is already busted beyond belief. even the servers broke.


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Sep 27, 2017
B like Big Bug said:
big thanks for dominations team.
Everything you wrote about is great! If this is true ). These are welcome steps in the right direction. And I congratulate all of us players that this has finally happened (..less than three years have passed). Of course, preventing new scams is the number one task, but I would also like to clear the player base from fraudulent accounts - to roll back/block those who cheated the last years and has incredible museums, universities, and so on..
.. but this is from the realm of fiction :)