No Tax Man


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Dec 16, 2014
So I was upgrading my roads during the time of the update/patch. Upon its completion I am no longer getting any tax or road bonus. Since I was affected by the dawn age bug my medals are through the roof and I am getting cleaned out by much more mature players of all my resources. But now without a tax man it is impossible for me to keep up.

I have dealt with the other glitches well enough but my grace is about run out when I cant have more income than when I get attacked, this makes it redundant even logging in. Please help the game has become unplayable for me now.

Other things I noticed are the inability to use this boat ramp thing because I dont have 400 medals (when in fact I have 900). I attack/defend with no resolve.
I have gained the chest in the to right corner which I lost since the dawn age bug.
I still have no changes though for
- No access to an alliance (although I am the leader of it) and all that go along with that feature.
- No access to settings tab
- No access to the old man I once had in the top left corner