Payment system glitch with multiple accounts


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May 19, 2016
I play multiple accounts across multiple devices and have never had an issue switching between accounts or with the payment system for in-app purchases. I'm on Google/Android and play it on a Chromebook and Android phone.

Following the 5.7 update, I've noticed that switching between accounts seems a bit buggy, and I tried to make a purchase of crowns (to rush factory for helicopter, since that will be necessary now with the Great Atomic Oil Race and the ridiculously OP helicopter now in play), but the purchase screen was stuck on the wrong account. No matter what I did I couldn't get it on the right account. I made sure that Play Store and Play Games apps were set on correct account, ended up contacting CS, who brushed me off to Google Play Store CS.

Play Store CS had me delete the account from the device, and then add it again. Obviously, I don't want to delete and re-add accounts every time I want to buy a troop card or something, so this is a serious problem, because I know that many people play multiple accounts. The Google Play Store rep said this was almost certainly because of something in the 5.7 update, since I have never encountered any problems until that update.

I'm guessing that you guys want your payment system to run smoothly (you DO want our money, don't you?), so I'd recommend looking at this and not blowing it off. I'm not making any more purchases until this gets fixed. Too much of a hassle.