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Q=HitPoint Bonus 4 Ur TownCtr if U connect it to Ur RoadNetwork in WORLD WAR?


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Sep 26, 2016

Since the answer to this on-going question came up within my Alliance recently, and I'm NOT one to NOT have nor find answers for my Alliance Members, and it was SUCH A PAIN to try and locate a definitive "YES" or "NO" answer, and as I searched for an answer and there really seemrd no good direct explanation listed anywhere, so to me, it still remained pretty confusing & unclear (& from other people's posts I've read, I wasn't the only one who felt that way!), I thought I would stop & make very certain that the answer is CRYSTAL CLEAR for anyone else who reads this posting! Also, now when people "search" for the TERMS: TOWN CENTER, ROAD NETWORK, CONNECTION, BONUS, HIT POINTS, WORLD, WAR hopefully, this answer will appear in their search results, versus the big ZERO that I got when I searched. *winks*

FOR WORLD WARS, Does Your WarBase's Town Center receive the added Boost/Bonus Hit Points in Your Warbase Layout, if You Connect Your Road Network to Your TownCenter? The same way your Regular Multi-Player Town Center receives extra Boost/Bonus Hit Points, if You connect your RoadNetwork to Your regular TownCenter in Multi-Player.

THE VERIFIED ANSWER: (per Customer Service confirmation by a Game Master 01/03/17, as Yes!, I asked for clarification was) = ABSOLUTELY=>YES!

YES!, In WORLD WAR, You DO receive an ADDITIONAL Bonus/Health Boost to your HIT POINTS for your Warbase Layout's TownCenter Total Health, if you connect Building to your RoadNetwork, and then your RoadNetwork to your TownCenter!

The number of Bonus/Boost Health HitPoints your TownCenter will get from being connected to your RoadNetwork, solely depends upon the total number of buildings that you have connected to your Road Network (the same way as in Multi-Player & your Regular Towncenter Layout), AND, if you also have any special World Wonders connected to your RoadNetwork. Remember, that connecting the Stone Henge World
Wonder to your Roadnetwork gives your RoadNetwork an added points 'bonus!'

I hope that FINALLY, once & for ALL resolves this question for everyone else, too!...GOOD LUCK!
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