Ranged units/generals sniping units that moved away


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Jun 3, 2017
Hey support team,

had a weird behavior in today's WW attack. I dropped a decoy and placed a Zhukov to have the enemy troops march towards him. Then I rallied him to another position. This in itself is not that significant. What is significant is that as soon as some of the Helo TTs and the enemy Zhukov arrived at the spot where my Zhukov initially was, they sniped my general from half the map away. This also happened to another player already as seen in this video:

Repro seems to be:
1. Bait enemy Zhukov or any units with a long range attack e.g. attack helicopters via Decoy tactic
2. Place any sacrifical lamb e.g. another Zhukov at maps edge
3. Rally your Zhukov to another location

Expected result:
4. Enemy troops are baited to the initial position of my Zhukov and now need to move to the actual one

Actual result:
4. An attack from over half of the map away

See my POV: