Rocket Arsenal


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Feb 6, 2020
In my opinion, this is probably a bug that occurred when trying to replace the Expert RPG, which is a defender at lvl 2, with the Veteran RPG.


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Aug 18, 2016
This was not spotted during testing? Nobody of the QA team has attacked a base with an arsenal in it?You will see it immediately that no troops are getting out…


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Oct 13, 2017
lol… CS team. My last ticket (unable to purchase an offensive drone) was answered with “just keep trying and see if you can buy it later”

FYI, I was trying to delete a fighter and deleted the offensive drone. Oh well, 5k oil to buy another one. Until you realize that having 0/1 drones means you don’t have space to buy another one.


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Apr 21, 2015
Are you sure that American companies, especially BHG, have a QA team? There are millions(?) of players who do that for free 😜

Actually, it should be enough to mention the bug in the forum. If every player who encounters an Rocket Arsenal opens an extra support ticket, you won't be able to keep up with replying.
Actually, creating a CS Ticket helps more than you might think!

When submitting a ticket your game information can easily be compiled for the correct parties to take a look at the error you could be running into. The more tickets the better as it helps in finding a pattern in irregularities, which also helps to speed up the fix process, especially in instances where it can be difficult to reproduce an error you might run into.

It's nice to bring awareness on the forums, especially to see if there are others running into a similar issue. But the fastest way to get a fix will always be to make reports to the CS Team. Unfortunately, fixes are not always as immediate as we'd all like.

QA Teams work diligently, but the amount of time any QA team puts into testing is rapidly overshadowed by the number of players in a game. There is power in numbers!