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Some ideas for new buildings and troops 2


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Feb 6, 2020
1. Close air support (CAS)
  • When the HP of the enemy troops within the radius is above a certain level, it requests support from the close air support aircraft.
  • If not rearmed, this trap can be triggered up to 3 times.
  • It has a high chance of being triggered against high HP opponents such as tanks, heavy tanks, and paratroopers.

2. Sniper's nest
  • A sniper will be summoned when enemy troops enter the radius.
  • The sniper will attack the general first, and if there is no general, it will attack the troops with low HP sequentially.
  • Snipers do extra high damage to enemy generals, So they are very advantageous to high level enemy generals .

3. Command Vehicle
  • Follow friendly troops without attacking enemy troops or buildings.
  • Increases attack speed and movement speed of friendly troops within radius.

4. Reconnaissance Vehicle
  • The damage and effect of enemy traps within the radius can be reduced by half or less.
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