The Atomic Age! v5.0 Update Notes (UPDATE coming soon!)

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May 16, 2016
v5.0X ‘The Atomic Age’ update of DomiNations is almost here and is expected to arrive soon!

The Atomic Age
  • Advance your civilization to the next age of history to acquire new troop and building upgrades!
  • Research four new techs at Library Level 10: Computing, Radar, Monuments, and Elite Paratroopers
  • Employ the services of new Mercenaries! The Freedom Fighter, BRDM-1, and Tank Destroyer can be hired at Mercenary Camp level 11
  • Generals can now be upgraded to level 50
  • Construct one of four new wonders: The Pentagon, The Atomium, The Sydney Opera House, or The United Nations!
New Barracks Troop: Attack Helicopter
  • Decimate enemy defenses with this flying siege unit!
  • Shoots long-range rockets that outrange most enemy defenses
New Factory Troop: APC
  • Deploys waves of heavy infantry onto the battlefield every few seconds
  • Keeps defenders at bay with machine gun fire
Performance Improvements
  • Significant reductions in network traffic during battles should result in fewer loading spinners and network disconnects!
  • Fixed a bug causing an AI crash to result in a network disconnect with no spinner beforehand
  • Fixed a variety of miscellaneous crashes
  • Load time improvements
Balance Updates
  • Increased damage and hitpoints for Industrial and Global Age Heavy Infantry (including unique Heavy Infantry)
  • Increased damage and hitpoints for Industrial and Global Age Machine Guns
  • Significantly decreased the damage and hitpoints of the defender Flammpanzer from the Resistance Library tech
  • Armored cars are now immune to knockback
  • Increased maximum player level to 500
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Castle and Japanese City Center no longer shoot at commandos
  • A Player’s War rank is now displayed next to their name in War screens.
  • Fixed a bug causing some players to have to redownload all bundles
  • Fixed troop capacity error when claiming air units
  • Crash protection in World War HUD when updating alliance info on a poor connection
  • Unicode characters in troop donation messages no longer cause crashes
  • Recommended Nation change no longer causes a network disconnect
  • Bundle download improvements
  • Fixed a network disconnect related to clearing expansions
  • Fixed a network disconnect related to the University
  • Citizens now released immediately upon completing University research instead of requiring player to tap the University
  • Fixed tech bonuses from University researches not being applied if the research is instant
  • Players can no longer free up citizens by speeding through Expeditions with Generals when General rewards haven't been set
  • Citizen labels in Expedition slots now have correct color to reflect whether there are enough citizens for the Expedition
  • Fixed rare occurrence where instant finishing an Expedition would not cause the slot to start reloading, allowing players to claim rewards a second time
  • Hid Expedition window if player starts normal upgrade via the unlock button
  • Fixed Expeditions occasionally reverting after being launched
  • Dock no longer gives Greek building refund when getting it for the first time
  • Retrain window now links to new available buildings if you don’t have them
  • Attack history window now scrolls correctly when dragging on troops
  • Fixed road bonus amount earned
  • Armory window now auto scrolls to new available upgrades
  • Inbox no longer "flashes green" when opening for the first time
  • Offerwall blue button sprite is now hidden if no offer is available
  • Background music no longer plays while watching video ad
  • Security improvements
  • Minor art fixes
  • Minor text edits
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