The minimum level for entering INFORMATION AGE

B like Big Bug

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Sep 25, 2019
BHG developer.
please make ww match system better with keeping bases in a same range of weight.
The previous levels that were considered to go into the
age of cold and space and digital, were really logical and thought-provoking. For example, level 220 for cold or level 285 for digital. But reducing these rolls made players doesn't need to upgrade deffencive buldings. Even if they have time, they do not upgrade them so that the weight of accounts is light. This is one of the important problems of the ww matchmaking system. Because the opponent system does not calculate account age and the most important part is buildings and defencive forces. (and a small amount of offensive forces that do not have much effect). That's why we always see, for example, an alliance with 10 light digital accounts to fight an alliance with two digital accounts and ĺthe rest of the space and atomic (but theu Max). In this game, players who play basics and complete an era and then move on to a higher era, they are losers. This was a problem that also existed in the game of Clash of Clans and was later solved. Accounts should be closer to each other,so ww matchmaking system should work better and fairer.I hope rhe minimum level need for Information age will be at least,accounts go to be same together in ww and also its better for developer that player upgrade all buldings at least to the near max for age(or just one age lower).not 5 age lower than their age taht make them atomic weight.
Thanks for your new age and all great feature and your great game.

King Crimson

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Apr 21, 2016
I'm all for a level playing field but I'm also for some strategy and challenges. If everyone war match has teams of similar strengths, then how boring would it be if you won every war because you knew what to expect? And if you won because the opponent is stronger or had some things hidden from you then learn from the experience.
A war where you don't know all the variables can always teach you how to think differently or how to act on the go. How you react to the unexpected says a lot about your character. Everyone can do well when they know all the variables or what to expect.
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