troop tactics and coalition troops need an update

Dhruv patel

Approved user
Aug 27, 2017
in the industrial age the barrack troops got changes to their playstyle heavy infantry became building destroyers, tanks doubling down on being defence sponges and mortars hitting defenders now.

many of the industrial age and beyond troop tactics lack those boosts. those that have unique multipliers stay the same but bassically the reskin of other troop types should get those changes.

like the many tank armies (aside form the ones based on our mainstream troops) still have those old multipliers.

and coalition troops (once industrial) need those barrack boosts too like the marines be heavy infantry style destroyers (hopefully be actually affacted by their coalition), mangonals need the range and miltipliers on buildings and protection from buildings and aztec eagle knights get the extra multiplier and that bit of range.