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University Research speedups not being applied


New member
Sep 25, 2020
Our Alliance has completed level 10 of the "University Alliance Speedup" task in the Parliament - this took many months of concerted donations,
Upon completion we we were expecting to get 2.5 hours of speedups every 12 hours - however due to a bug this is NOT happening.

After I submit a request for 5x30 minute donations in the chat window for the "University Alliance Speedup" - sometimes it disappears immediately, sometimes after one of my fellow alliance member makes a donation (30 minute speedup) - the request disappears.

So instead of getting 2.5 hours per 12 hour window, I am lucky to get 30 minutes. I have tracked this over a period of 6 days now and there is definitely a bug there.
Can someone please address this? it is very frustrating to spend months to complete a level 10 law in the parliament and having this problem.