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Update war coalitions costs


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Oct 4, 2018
Currently, war coalitions cost national trade goods. This is a problem. Why?
Because there isn't an even spread of Nations!
50% of users are German, 25% are Romans, and the last 25% is scattered.
This makes it extremely difficult to get Porcelain, Silk, Wood, Cheese, Scrolls

One idea is to fix the Nations so they all have decent attributes. Maybe add another layer or two of bonuses, but with the intention that all Nations are equally desireable. This would spread users out.

Other idea is to switch to coalitions costing Stars.
Since the intent is to have people do some MP battling, make it so that the Stars they earn in battle can accumulate.
Then, have coalitions cost stars to buy.

For example, I fight three battles and get 13 stars total (5+5+3)
Then I go to the Embassy and buy a Mongol coal for 8 stars, leaving 5 remaining.

I believe changing to a Star system for Coalitions would fix this issue!


Big Huge Moderator
Staff member
Apr 21, 2015
Thank you for your feedback, the team continues to work on implementing various quality-of-life features while taking into account additional feedback like this!


Nov 30, 2023
Tbf I don't feel lack of national goods, even I have too much of it. guild perk that cause me to get 3 national goods instead of one + another options like moctezuma five nations skill. Also plenty of coalitions I get from events/war chests etc.
Anyway solutions u've mentioned are really accurate. Especially that one, which makes weaker nations more balanced, definitely important like, I don't think Roman is a good nation, yes sure u get 10% more space for army, but overall it increases average cost and time of training. no problem for people with plenty of instant training, but just think.


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Aug 23, 2022
I personally have no problem having plenty of coalition national trade goods. They dropped or did away with citizen requirements for expeditions. Plus I keep high metal count and get lots of goodies in my daily.

I would personally rather see other stuff added or fixed. Just my thoughts