User Interface/Customizable Options


Approved user
Apr 18, 2016
1) I would love to see a setting that allows players to choose how they collect resources. Having a 1-touch collect where you can tap a button on the screen and it collects from all of your farms/caravans/roads/refineries and just puts the lump sum into your mills/markets, as well as letting you know how much you got. Also putting in the option to either free collect (like it is now) or 1-touch collect. Maybe you could allow players to turn off animations (roads especially) because this can slow some phones performance down. Having a way to just give a lump sum into your mills/markets.

2) Making Base Edit become like the store where buildings are categorized by ARMY, DEFENSE, ECONOMY and that would make editing bases easier. Also maybe being able to upload bases online and having a system where players can copy base designs and download them, then import them into the game. Obviously forest space would be a big deal and obstacle for this, but it would be cool for some bases.

3) Being able to look at someones base and click to see what levels buildings are and what the stats are. You could click on a maxed out global age base and see the stats for walls, gates, roads, etc. It would let players have a glimpse of what higher upgrades/ages bring.

4) Having a timer on the screen for training blessing. Instead of having to click on the manakin, maybe having a set timer on the top of the screen with the name of the blessing would be a nice feature. being able to customize whether you want that on or off?

5) Back to editing bases, being able to have a grid setup to allow players to figure out how they want their base laid out. Maybe adding tools to help center, or indent left/right on buildings. It would be cool to have naming feature for bases, as a cool thing. Also allowing players to pick up their whole base and drag it up one slot, if they wish.

6) In Alliance wars, being able to directly declare wars on another alliance of your choice. This could bring about the start of competition and tournaments. You could pick a type of war (15v15, 30v30, 50v50) and players could compete in each category.

7) Also, for alliance wars, having an World War leaderboard would be AWESOME! This would show you which alliances have the most wins and are on top. Maybe having in depth reports on each alliance (down to each battle) and showing off replays (if that feature becomes available soon). I think this idea would definitely make world war more important as you would want your alliance to become #1 at war.

8) For alliance leaderboards, changing the medal count formula to just add up all the members medals for a grand total. I feel that this would make players want to climb ranks to be able to increase their alliance number on the leaderboards. Im not sure how the formula works now, but it would be a lot simpler doing it this way. Every player would have a bigger impact on the overall alliance score.

9) Having season rewards would be cool. If you moved up in the season, you could get food/gold depending on what medal count your in. The dock feature is really good, but adding more bonuses could be worth it for players to move up.

10) With the replay feature on pvp, making replays having features to PAUSE, FORWARD, or REWIND the footage by having a slilder bar or a video player user interface. This would make watching replays a lot more informational.

11) Having a friend system where you can friend players from other alliances and send them messages. This would make for much better communication in the dominations community. This would allow players to keep their commitments to their alliances but also being able to stay in touch with other friends of theirs.

12) Changing DAMAGE PER SECOND to FLAT DAMAGE so that players can correctly calculate how a battle would go. This one is a tricky one and i dont know what objective the devs had going with dmg per second, but this is well discussed topic.

13) having an ability to highlight troops and chose which ones you would like to drop all at once, on a certain spot. This would help players have better vision as their fingers arent in the way of battle.

14) For zeppelins/biplanes, showing a range indicator on their runs. This would help players see what paths their air units will take and would improve the players knowledge of battle with them. All other troops have a consistent way of operating, so why shouldnt air units?

15) Having war tactics range indicators. Maybe make a way for players to see what buildings would get hit by sabotage or barrage. Maybe having a way to cancel the war tactic if a player chooses not to use it, but are dragging it around with their fingers. This would add an easier way to learn what areas war tactics hit and teach players how to use them better.

16) on the alliance page, include what age players are. Most of the time, you have to view their base to find out and it's information that should already be included in that list. Also with the medals, show the medal icon for the leagues their in, instead of the total medals they have.

17) being able to have an option to show damage in battles. Having cool red numbers flying when youre troops do damage so you can see realistically whats going on. Would be great for us theory crafters out there in the community!

thats all for now that i can think of. theres a few more things i would have mentioned, but cant quite remember now.