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v.9.12 Update thoughts


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Aug 6, 2021
A couple months back I wrote two or three topics in the Ideas and features section requesting to buff barracks troops as well as other costemic improvements. The buff finallycame to fruition. It was quite late but BHG delivered something. Now, I am satisfied and also unsatisfied about some stuff. I liked the buff on barracks troops, its good. Too good. Attack helicopters definitely needs some sort of nerf as they feel broken. But I am happy with the artillery, tanks, infantry, mortar and healer buffs. I don't really have any complaints on that. Thing is, the idea of using oil to produce barracks troops now, feels extremely odd. I mean, whats the purpose of having food now then? They couldve at least spared the infantry, wall sapper and mortar from it but those too cost oil. That I am not so sure what to feel about. Maybe they could've exponentially increased the training cost of those troops but using oil with all of the barracks troops doesn't sit quite right to me.

The game still feels extremely one sided to offense. HT zook spam has turned into heli spam, even without that. At later ages, the bases are still relatively easy to 5 star in world wars. Maybe an update making 5-4 star a bit more tricky to get in later ages would be more appreciated as it would increase the value of the feat of achieving 5 stars.