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VIP level and probability of success


New member
Jun 2, 2020
This is my observation over the past months and I would like to hear back from other members.

VIP level has a direct effect on the probability of success when opening a chest, laws, or museum. ie., Higher the VIP level probability of success is greatly reduced. (my Vip is lvl 9)

1. In the current 15% legendary event for WW chests so far I have received 0 whereas some low level/non VIP members have received 7+ legendary artifacts, someone with VIP 3 got 3 artifacts.

2. Laws -> some players with LVL 1 parliament have able to get more than 1x multiplier and top the charts most of the time. I am with level 4 parliament and spend about 9M food/gold per day have a hard time getting the top chart.

3. Also finding good museum artifacts also becomes less successful compared to other members on the type of artifacts with able to collect.

I know its a random but this seems very obvious.

Maybe a business tactic where higher VIP level shows their impulse to spend on the game so no offering useful items as free but could be offered for a fee and whereas low VIP shows they are non-spenders offering them good free items makes them continue playing the game.

Any thoughts.....?