What are the 1hour bans for?


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Mar 14, 2018
Xabar, no 1537*5=7685

And Kilgore, I have written with one run.

The number 8000 was one person as I remember. You don’t need war bases to get the same result.

Training blessing, 155 infantry, dumping in MP or SP, retrain

If you have no life, it is easy to do


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Mar 14, 2018
Just a conclusion after all this mess, the stream and several communications with CS. No one at Nexon is giving a hsit on the customers. They have no clue on their own game and think they are the greatest.


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Dec 12, 2015
Ok...i am a software tester myself, i work in an development team, so i probably know how this works (hopefully)...i assume they work in so called agile teams, those are small teams with developers, testers, an analyst etc in it. A team gets a cpl of small tasks to make for a certain part of the game. So mostly a certain team has a certain focus and none of the teams know all the software involved. That list of small changes is called a backlog. There is a product owner, who specifies what is being made, in what order by the team. There is probably also an incident team, seperate team that only fixes incidents.
What i am trying to say: if you work long enough in such a team, you dont have the complete picture anymore, cause you are specialised in the part of the game your team tends to work on mostly.
Therefore i understand why the dude thought these ppl were cheaters. He just didnt know there was an option to delete the troops on warbase. Genuine mistake i believe.
What i dont like, is how CS reacts...if i see what they are sending ppl...a short notice with at the end the remark that you cannot discuss it anymore...saying in fact 'you are screwed and even if you can explain this, we are not going to listen'...that response is just outrages! At least ppl who want to explain anything, should have the chance to do so and they deserve the right to be judged again including a new investigatikn if their arguments are solid.
Luckely i havent been banned, but thats cause i am not an event chaser. I can care less about the event.
But pls let this be a lesson for both the whole development team to communicate about high impact decisions like this, cause i am pretty sure there is a team out there who should have known about this option. And 2 pls inform your CS to not be so stuburn about this and listen to the ppl who try to explain and let them actually have ppl look into those matters if their explanation sounds solid. This forum is the only way ppl can rea cch out to developers without having to deal with cs who only seems to be capable of running standard answers from standard scrips that may apply when you afe playing this game 2 months, but are usually totally besides the point if you play this game longerand actually know what you afe talking about.


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Sep 26, 2019

This event is very bad and angry for people who are 3day ban.

I was was banned for three days, and three days later
ineligible to participate in the leaderboars.

This is really crazy and angry.
I get about 30,000xp after guild army delete
After 140,000xp of artifact work, the total was banned at 170,000xp.

Because of only 30,000xp of guild troop removal experience,
30,000xp is compared to 1 to 100 on the current leaderboard,
It is a very small score (30,000).

The management ban me for three days,
and after three days
It prevented me from participating in the event.

I lost his qualification to the leaderboard, so lost enthusiasm and lost love for the game.

Did I use a bug?
Why didn't I release ban it for three days?
If you block access for three days,
The ranking i will be pushed back.
Did you have to deprive you of your right to participate after 3 days?
it's severe.
I did not know that guild deletion was a sin.

Would you rather reset it to zero and start over?
I could not challenge again.I didn't write a bug,

Why kill me twice?
There will be some who are in the same situation as me.

It's a really bad event.
It's a crazy event.
I am very disappointed.