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What to do with all that in-used kit we all have...


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Mar 13, 2016
Over the years, I’ve built and upgraded a bunch of troops, specialist units and all sorts of kit. Unfortunately, I never find an opportunity to utilise it all and therefore much of the investment I’ve saved for over the years lies idle and un-used. Frankly, this annoys me as I would love to use everything the game offers. Beyond boosting the overall unit cap, which will never happen in a (now) defence orientated DomiNations world...I can’t see any resolution to the issue. Or can I...

We all know that the game basically offers two game ‘modes’: match-play (rss raiding); and World Wars. Both forms of the game are important and, generally speaking, both utilise different units. That said, I appreciate the match-play mode is subtly divided into: medal gathering (usually a full war kit, plus/minus Mercs, Generals and so on); and full-on medal-drop raiding (wall breachers, bikes, Heavy Infantry...whatever works). The problem (for me) is...either game mode leaves me utilising the same basic kit; and I don’t really have luxury to ‘experiment’, particularly in Wars. That said...no, no, no that’s a whole different thread involving Bazookas.

So, may I posit this suggestion...what if the game could offer us the opportunity to build more than one roster (Army)? We obviously wouldn’t be able to use more than one army at a time🙄, but we could nonetheless build full compliments of troops/kit to deal with most eventualities in the game.

Ok, I think I know what you’re thinking...just experiment with what you’ve got. But think about it...the cost of building more than one army for a variety of roles would be no different than it is now (save except for initial build cost). It would allow people to experiment with different flavours of kit, irrespective of basic requirement (War, rss raiding/medal gathering). It would also provide a basic incentive to build things we ordinarily wouldn’t use for a variety of reasons...e.g. who uses Armoured Cars, or Mortar Troops other than in War Base TCs?

I might possibly suggest an extension to the above. Why not expand the airstrip cap to allow us to build all the available units. Again, we wouldn’t be able use say five/six Strike Fighters (other planes and cap limits are available), Bombers and the Transporter, but we would have options for any given base/circumstance. So, say we hit a base that could do with Paratroopers, we could fly the Transporter and then only one/two Strike Fighters. This type of alteration may also have the added benefit of tackling the hideous rebuild times for planes to some degree.

Anyway, just some thoughts...I’ve been GeeGee, why not check out The Aesir😃

capt underpants

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May 30, 2017
I like that idea a great deal. And if this game continues to borrow ideas from clash of clans, then it's certainly in the pipeline :)