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DomiNations Update 12.8 - New Drone Command Level

Greetings Leaders,

DomiNations update 12.8 brings a new level to the Drone Command Building and with it two new Directives. We’ll also take a look at the next Councilor you’ll be recruiting!

Automation Age Upgrades...
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DomiNations Update 12.6 - Manufactory Updates

Greetings Leaders,

The latest DomiNations update is on the way! For Update 12.6 we introduce the ability to loot Materials from destroyed Manufactory buildings in multiplayer attacks. Additionally, we’re adding the...

DomiNations Update 12.5 - Coalition Troop Update and Auto-Spying!

Greetings Leaders,

DomiNations Update 12.5 makes a large set of changes to Coalitions and Spying. We’ve made adjustments to nearly all of the Coalitions for World Wars and made Spying much easier for those who have...

DomiNations Update 12.4 - Custom World Wars

Greetings Leaders,

DomiNations Update 12.4 gives you the power to challenge rival Alliances with ease, and enter the fray with a Custom World War! In Custom World Wars you’ll have the freedom to take on any Alliance...

DomiNations Update 12.3 - Quality of Life Updates

Greetings Leaders,

The team has been extremely busy leading up to this update! We’re implementing more quality-of-life improvements to Alliance Speed Ups and Resource Drops. For those at Automation Age, you’ll find...

DomiNations Update 12.1.2 - New Councilor Alcibiades

Greetings Leaders,

Our 12.1.2 update introduces the next upcoming Councilor, Alcibiades!

New Councilor - Alcibiades (Leader)
A charismatic and enigmatic figure in ancient Greece, Alcibiades was a prominent Athenian...
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DomiNations Update 12.1 - Manufactory Arrives!

Greetings Leaders,

DomiNations Update 12.1 brings a large wave of features. The Manufactory arrives, adding an additional layer of strategy to your Troops and Bases. We also reveal another brand new Councilor that...

Dominations - Progression and Resource Update

As DomiNations has continued to grow over the years, so has the amount of time and dedication it takes to progress to the heart of the game. With this in mind, we are continuously looking for ways to improve the...
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November Legendary Token Calendar

Each month, Marco Polo offers several Legendary Artifacts, which can be acquired with Legendary Tokens.

Here's a look into what's coming up in November!

11/1 - 11/6
Ashanti Kuduo - 300 tokens
Sword of Goujian - 100...

DomiNations Sitrep #4 - The Manufactory

Greetings Leaders,
Welcome to Sitrep #4! A lot has happened since our previous Sitrep. Three whole seasons came and went including an Early Test Build. We’ve added more value to the rewards you collect across the...

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Hey, I have 2 suggestions.

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I have level 3 counter intelligence which is 15 seconds. But i would love to use the lower level with shorter time to get more time for my second directive.
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