Air defense structures needed upgrading the most. What happened?


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Aug 26, 2016
BHG, while I appreciate your attempt to help defense, you left out the one structure which was needed the most. That is the Air defense structures. Defense needed that upgraded the most considering the many OP Air attack weapons coming at defense. Yes, you upgraded the Towers but those upgrades were minor upgrades which won’t have much impact. I don’t understand your reasoning for not upgrading Air defense other then a selfish reason to keep offense players buying those air attack weapons. Another area you didn’t address are the attacking Mortars with ridiculous range. I’m afraid we will continue to see Attack helicopters running over higher level bases. We shall see. Hope I’m wrong.


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May 17, 2018
They did change the sabotage duration
The new chapters at the library will help defence overall
did they eliminate DST lower cap? NO
do they ever offer Ramesses at Marco? NO
what happened when they made the mistake with the Gemini Glove? Immediately acted and took it back!
did they nerf BHM? NO
do they fix parliament cannon range? NO
did they change Recon damage and duration? NO (you have to give a ton of money and get Maori artifact instead with a 1% chance to win it yoohoo!!)
did they change the mortar range +1 ? NO

just several points out of my mind... So what does that tell you? They do not want defence to become strong. That's it. They only do the bare minimum cause we push them a lot in here and that's it. I do not understand why they hesitate to make defence as strong as it should be . But I passed the point I care. Too tired for it. I started playing CoC and I rarely get 3 stars there. Nobody is complaining and this is taken for granted. This is how it should be for dominations.