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American Coalition not giving Hitpoint increase to Transports


New member
Feb 29, 2020
I’ve sent feedback in but was told this was tested and working properly. American Coalition is not giving the 58% health increase to Transports.

I realized this during a war attack when my max level info age transport had 50% health and was destroyed by 1 SAM. Keep in mind Transports have 27,000 hit points and SAMs only do 10,300 damage at max level. This doesn’t include the 58% hitpoint increase from American coalitions.

So I tested on my own war base while still having American Coalition active. I sent 1 transport over 2 SAMs which does 20,600 damage. After my Transport got hit by both SAMs I was left with approximately 10% health, nothing else hit my Transport.

Alternate thoughts.... maybe something is increasing SAM damage that’s not supposed to (all defensive tower damage? Air defense damage?)

Could someone from the community test this to see if you’re coming up with the same results?