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April 2017 Design Spotlight


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Jun 1, 2016
Hey everyone, I’m Mike Engle, a Senior Designer on DomiNations. Today’s design spotlight covers a new Alliance feature, some changes to Tactics, and a change to address stalemates in World Wars.

Fewer World War Stalemates

Lastly, we’ve improved World Wars by adding Elapsed Battle Time as a second tie-breaker. Wars are still won by earning more Stars than the other alliance. If that’s a tie, then Average Destruction is still the first tie-breaker. However if that’s also a tie, then the team with the shorter

So the objectives in a war, in order of importance are:
  1. Stars
  2. Destruction
  3. Elapsed Time
This also applies to individual battles. For example:
  1. Alfred attacks a war base and earns 4 stars and 80% destruction in 2:00 minutes flat.
  2. Bob attacks that same base and earns 4 stars and 88% destruction in 2:30 minutes. While his time is worse (he took longer) than Alfred’s, he achieved better destruction and so his attack is the new best attack.
  3. Carla then attacks that same base and gets the same 4 stars and 88% destruction, but does it in 1:30 minutes. Her attack becomes the new best attack because it tied on stars and destruction but was a shorter attack (less elapsed time).
  4. Denise makes a final attack for her Alliance and earns 5 stars and 100% destruction in 3:00 mins. Her attack becomes the new best attack because it earned more stars.
Remember that for winning the overall war, Stars are what matter most. So even though Denise’s attack had a pretty slow time (3:00 mins) you would always want her 5 stars over the 4 star attack, because if your alliance earns just 1 more Star than the opposing alliance, your alliance wins the war.

That wraps up this design spotlight. As always, it’s great to hear back from you all regarding these upcoming features so if you have any comments or concerns please leave them below.
Any idea when the no 3 elapsed time is activated. We still saw stalemate after max star & 100% construction. Thanks
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