Attack log- tactics used


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Sep 20, 2017
On my alter account I was 4 times now in a row where the attack log shows they used one tactic but the replay shows actual amount used. I watched the replays and they are good.
1. Attack log- 1 demo. Replay-6
2. Attack log- 1 barrage. Replay- 3
3.Attack log- 1 decoy 1 demo. Replay 2 of each
4. Attack log-1 demo. Replay 5.
Their attacks were good from watching the replays but the attack log is not.
Maybe rather then saying it’s a replay bug that you’re looking into you could look into how the attack logs are fucked up and work on that.
So could it be that these cheaters getting the easy 5 stars aren’t really cheaters and they get exactly what the replays show but the attack log is fucking everything up and the resources you lost go to nowhere
I understand my examples on show tactic errors but it does show that it could be a log error and not a cheat

Bootney Lee Fonsworth

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Jan 12, 2018
Yup. Been seeing that a lot lately. Multiple decoys being used, defenders, traps, defenses acting accordingly but defense log claims one. Or somebody burns all their demos on my silo. Defense log says one.

To paraphrase Pink Floyd: All in all it's another glitch in the log.

Or is it? It's not like the track record has been exceptional lately, or ever really.