Best War Tactics?


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Dec 5, 2022
Im interested in hearing the experiences of players attacking other bases during multiplayer raiding. What have you noticed working well enough to limit your win streak?

Catapults with multiple swarms of defenders has been brutal as of lately. So much so that I am considering the possibility of using the Dynamite war tactic for almost instantly eliminating the threat due to Generals and Tanks being slow moving as it is.

Protection has been solid even with a seven second duration and I am only within the Enlightenment Age (no Betrayal yet) thus I feel as though I should prioritize all War Tactics including Protection via Library research upgrade. Coupled with First Aid to restore any lost Health while hoping to maintain as many solider units once the battle is over.

Does anybody use Sabotage anymore? It’s hard to find the strategy as useful considering Demolition is extremely powerful enough to almost destroy any defensive building upon triggering.


is this thing on?
Apr 18, 2018
Sabotage remains #1. Fact is, Enlightenment Age is the most difficult Age to raid. It taunts us with a useful troop (commandos) but it's difficult to use without plane support. I vote no to demolition. Betrayal is added at Enlightenment Age so should be available, so work on that.

The best advice is to max useful offense and camp at Industrial. I understand everyone plays differently, but Industrial is truly a game changer. The Commando attack it offers is great (e.g., 10 commandos 40 heavy infantry 3 fighters); do consider this soonish. It also adds Decoy, which sounds useful for your exact situation. But whatever you do, focus on offense first.

Anyways, I suppose it depends on the troops you use but Sabotage is awesome.

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Oct 11, 2018
This really does depend on your troop comp. And what you are trying to accomplish.

Are u raiding for medals? Or are you just looking for loot?

Demolition looks good but in reality it’s only gunna be a crutch for you down the road when bases become Stronger and more difficult.

For raiding purposes try to limit yourself from using any war tactics. It may help you better understand what your troops are able
To do and handle.