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Cheater Harshet; gunpowder vs digital age


New member
Jul 19, 2019
Getting so upset;
we started a worldwar. Turns out one of our new players is a cheater... He is gunpowder age and attacks their no1 digital age... Fails of course, but it turns out to be complete 5 started battle... Damn cheater.

I hate to winn a worldwar like this so I visited the enemy alliance & apologising for this player. Also explaining we stop this worldwar, cause we don't like to play it like this.

I return to my alliance & inform the group about this player Harsher. He even comes back to me in chat with 'all you can do is kick me, but you can't ban my id'... So rude; but then again, what to expect from a lowlife like this?! (I shld have kicked him on sight, but wanted to see what dominations wld do after reporting him.)
What's left then? Naming & shaming:
Pls all: drop this sad sad player called Harshet, greek nation, lvl 44 in Dec 2020. Make him feel unwanted. Tnx



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