city centre qol (ive said this before).

Dhruv patel

Approved user
Aug 27, 2017
the stronghold you pay for and destroy the troops stored in it are fine but you sabotage and blitzkrieg the heart of your base?! the troops are gone for good?!

1. the donated troops need to come out of the destroyed ciry centre unscathed like the stronghold donations or the stronghold tactics need to be hurt a bit if you destroy the building and by extension the city centre too.

2. the donated city centre troops that survive the offence should come home like the others that survive.

3. to elaborate on number 1 make the city centre troops come out either unscathed to resume the fight or comeout with a penalty to their hp.

4. stronghold troop tactics must have a hp penalty if you destroy the building before they come out or outright gone and confined only to offence.