DomiNations Allied Front! v5.7 Update Notes


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Jun 4, 2017
v5.7 ‘DomiNations Allied Front’ update is now available!

Alliance Levels & Perks
  • The Alliance that fights together earns Perks together!
  • Earn Alliance XP in World War to level up your Alliance
  • For each Alliance Level everyone earns powerful all-new Perks!
  • Earn this special Alliance currency by winning battles in World War
  • Rubies can be traded at the Traveling Merchant for Troop Tactics, Event Buildings, Blessings, Trade Goods, and more!
Friendly Challenges
  • Friendly Challenges are back!
  • Challenge your Alliance members in practice battles to hone your strategy
  • Create your own Challenges to test out your new Town and War Base layouts
  • Friendly Challenges don’t consume troops, medals, or resources!
New Troop: Tactical Helicopter
  • Unlock the Tactical Helicopter at Factory level 7
    • Each Tactical Helicopter lets you deploy up to 15 troop space of your ground troops underneath it, even in the middle of an enemy base!
    • Tactical Helicopters also heal nearby troops
New Atomic Age Upgrades
  • Factory can now be upgraded to level 7, unlocking the following upgrades
    • Machine Gun level 6
    • Commando level 6
    • Heavy Tank level 5
    • Bazooka level 4
    • Armored Car level 4
    • APC level 2
  • Sniper Tower can now be upgraded to level 6
  • Stable can now be upgraded to level 11
  • Embassy can now be upgraded to level 6
    • Unlocks the Ethiopian Coalition (available shortly after the required 5.7 update), which provides bonus Factory Troop health and General attack as well as the bazooka-toting Kagnew Infantry in World War attacks!
    • Also lets you upgrade all Coalitions to level 7
Balance Changes
  • Increased hitpoints of all levels of bomber aircraft by 50%
Other Improvements
  • World War Troop Tactic donate UI now shows more detail on your donations
  • Info and Upgrade windows will now show the upgraded version of buildings
  • Drop multiple shipments from your Inventory at the same time
Performance Improvements
  • Reduced network traffic by shrinking player data size
  • Reduced memory usage
Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed an exploit allowing players to claim Victory Chests multiple times
  • Fixed a crash when canceling an empty town in the Layout Editor
  • Fixed a crash related to World War Replays
  • Fixed Replay inaccuracies with Friendly Challenges using War Bases
  • Fixed Replay mismatches when using Betrayal tactics
  • Fixed removal of walls, roads, and gates not updating in Layout Editor
  • Fixed inability to purchase more Food for crowns even if Crowns are available
  • Fixed event Blessings displaying incorrect durations in Inventory
  • Fixed donated Troop icons in Battle History
  • Layout Editor now confirms that you are sure you want to pick up all
  • Units trained at the Elephant Stable no longer cause network disconnects
  • Donated Troop Tactics now show in defense Replays
  • Tactics that take 2 Tactics Capacity now clear properly when using Retrain
  • Stealthy units like Commandos now trigger Traps
  • Improved pathing for donated Troops
  • Helicopters are now properly targeted by Soldiers and melee Troops when over walls
  • Level 1 buildings now appear in Recommended Upgrades window
  • Castle window now displays the appropriate Crown cost for two or more Generals
  • Alliance window now sorts by glory instead of medals
  • Power Plant buffs now stack with Pentagon buffs to aircraft training times
  • Power Plant and other event Blessings are only displayed once in the Temple
  • Command Post now shows amounts of resources when collecting War Loot
  • Airstrip is no longer locked in the Store if you have an event Hangar active on your base
  • Event Hangars now display the correct air capacity in info windows
  • Planes enter battles facing the correct direction
  • Recommended Upgrades window now uses the current building name instead of the level 1 building name
  • Gates now close properly
  • Library window now scrolls smoothly
  • Inbox UTC clock now uses server time instead of device time
  • Minor UI fixes
  • Minor text fixes
  • Security improvements
  • American flag is now hung properly from the Embassy in accordance with Public Law 94-344
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Oct 22, 2015
Hope it has a good launch. Will it be next week?

I see world war replay fixes in the notes, does that mean WW replays are coming back in this update?


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Aug 29, 2015
Good stuff. Just a couple of comments.

The 50% HP buff on bombers is not enough. They needed at least a 100% increase. SAMs will no longer be able to 1-shot them, but pretty close to it. They need to be able to withstand 2 SAMs to be useful.

Level 7 coalitions: if the NTG cost goes up (which I assume it does), it becomes ridiculous to gather enough NTGs to war with them. Something needs to be done to address this. If anything, it become MORE difficult to obtain NTGs as you progress in the game, not easier.
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Oct 17, 2016
I hope the new UNI leader will do something to decrease workers for the dock and maybe decrease ntgs. It doesn't look like new UNI leader is in the update though


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Aug 29, 2015
That leader is just a generic pic. I wouldn't expect a new one any time soon. When a new one is imminent, they change the picture to that leader like they did for the last 3 new ones. The current graphic was there a year ago.


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Dec 22, 2016
As ever, sounds interesting. A couple of observations:

These patch notes feel heavily weighted to Atomic players - some more info for other ages would be nice.
More storehouse capacity for NTGs feels pretty essential for L7 coalitions.


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Nov 27, 2016
TinSoldier All very good changes but the one that sticks out as honorable mention is
  • American flag is now hung properly from the Embassy in accordance with Public Law 94-344
properly displaying a nations flag is the right thing to do even though it did not affect gameplay. Kudos


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Apr 20, 2016
Rubies is great addition from first assumptions. It finally means people can stock up on troop cards from Marco Polo without being pay gated through crowns, and you're given an incentive to war by earning rubies.
  • American flag is now hung properly from the Embassy in accordance with Public Law 94-344
Seems like that law only came into effect around 1976. Should it not take affect only when you enter atomic age or cold war age? lol. Though it does make me curious to if there was a difference before then. Probably not, huh.
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Feb 17, 2017
What do you mean by:

Planes enter battles facing the correct direction?


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Nov 25, 2015
Bomber buff! Nice.
Rubies.... At least it's meritocratic, but I swear to god don't turn this game into Samurai Siege.


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Apr 29, 2016
When will this drop? If anyone can read the Korean forum, there might be some information there.

Green Bird

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Jun 27, 2017
Sometimes when you deploy planes they appear on the map facing towards the forest, but then reverse quickly towards the town. Just a visual appearance, was not high on the list of priorities, I hope, but a nice visual enhancement nonetheless.