DomiNations Update 11.11 - Museum Updates


Greetings Leaders,

Update 11.11 is coming soon and features some of our promise to Quality of Life improvements in DomiNations. You’ll also see the improvements to MRLs making a permanent return and new Upgrades for Drone Age Players!

QoL Specific Updates
  • Increased Artifact Storage
    • We will be increasing storage for your artifacts up to 315. (Each storage upgrade will cost 250 crowns and provide 5 additional spaces)
  • All Legendary Artifact Displays are Available upon building the Museum
  • Increased Storage Capacity and Generation of Mysterious Fragments

  • Increased the amount of Museum Currency from Museum Mystery Boxes
Updated Museum Stats

LevelFood CostUpgrade TimeXP GainProductionProduction CapacityPeace Exhibits UnlockedWar Exhibits Unlocked
11,000,0001d1,115351001 Weapon
1 Armor
3 Legendary
1 Weapon
1 Armor
3 Legendary
23,000,0002d1,630401501 Jewelry
1 Pottery
2 Equipment
45,000,0005d2,980553001 Weapon
1 Armor
1 Weapon
1 Armor
56,000,0006d3,395603501 Jewelry
1 Pottery
2 Equipment
  • Increased Oil Well Generation and Storage at earlier Ages
    • Enlightenment to Global Age Oil Wells will have increased storage and production
Updated Oil Well Capacity/Production

AgeCapacityProduction Per Hour
Enlightenment lv172067
Enlightenment lv297086
Industrial lv31,08895
Global lv41,239102
  • All Expedition Re-rolls will now cost 30 Crowns regardless of time remaining on refresh countdown

  • In Council Chamber, Premium Recruitments are now 50 Crowns each individually, and 11x Premium Recruitments are 500 Crowns

  • Increased “Are you there?” Timer
    • You can now leave the game open for up to 20 minutes before being asked if you are still there or force logged out.
  • Parliament Button will be removed when all Parliament Law contributions are completed

  • Fixed an issue preventing players from upgrading multiple connected Wall Segments at once using Wall Manuals

  • Troop Donation Button will be grayed out when first loading into the game
    • There is a small period of time where players cannot donate Troops immediately upon logging in as the game is still taking some time to load your base and other information. Once your game is finished loading this button will return to Green and you will be able to Donate Troops as normal.
  • Troop Request Population will be updated in all locations
    • Current Donated Troop Population will be visible in the Request Troops Button in Alliance Chat and in the Request Troops Message window


The team is still hard at work tackling the Quality of Life list that we shared last month. We've also been taking note of the generous feedback that you shared there! We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to continue sharing!

Drone Age Upgrades
  • Storehouse 12 > 13
    • Citizens Required 4
    • Gold Cost 13,000,000
    • XP 3,950
    • Upgrade Time 12d
    • HP 36,550
    • Trade Good Capacity +2
  • Bastion 6 > 7
    • Citizens Required 1
    • Gold/Food Cost 24,000,000
    • HP 112,064
    • Slowdown 75%
  • S.A.M. Battery 13 > 14
    • Citizens Required 2
    • Gold Cost 17,500,000
    • XP 6,500
    • Upgrade Time 18d 12h
    • Damage 9,660
  • Claymore 3 > 4
    • Citizens Required 1
    • Gold Cost 6,200,000
    • XP 2,250
    • Upgrade Time 12d
    • Damage 1,200
  • Caltrops 14 > 15
    • Citizens Required 1
    • Gold Cost 10,000,000
    • XP 2,600
    • Upgrade Time 16d
    • Slowdown 72%
    • Damage Reduction 72%

MRL Buffs
As mentioned in the Season 4: Flourishing Frontlines post, the MRL buffs from Season 3: Evolution of History will now be a permanent change to this unit.
  • MRL Missile Spread -60%
  • MRL Fire Rate +33%
  • MRL Damage +50%
Update 7/25
We're looking into an issue where increased artifact storage is not working as intended. We will be overriding the limit capacity to 255 (including research) and are planning compensation. We appreciate your patience and will update you as we make progress on the issue.
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please also be aware that landmines on multilayer map have taken the form.of mortars
The team is aware, fortunately, this is only visual. It won't be in our hotfix as that focuses on the Alliance Speed Ups. It's currently set for a future release. As always please make reports like this to our CS team.
Hallelujah another update at the end of an event that completely screws everything up. Great job. Useless update that further waters down what was once a decent game. Not to mention the inconvenience of having updates that prevent you from playing. Maybe the updates should be run by the test monkeys before they are made public. Great job!!!
BHG team has again shown that they are the greatest to generate issues with an update. Destroying world wars (players have invested money for TT), generating new bugs, generating visual bugs. And the Oscar goes to Baltimore.
@Harlems369th, after the upgrade, there is no need to upgrade the Museum to level 6, because it does not give anything other than a meaningless increase in resources.
Maybe add +10 to storage artifacts for lvl 6 Museum?

We’re aware of the Alliance Speed Up issues in the latest Update. We will be updating ALL Players to 11.11 to resume World Wars & Troop Donations. A hotfix will be available soon & upon release Players will receive 5x 6h Speed Ups for the inconvenience.

First, we want to be sure Players can resume World War play as soon as possible. Players will still face the Alliance Speed Up issue until the release of the hotfix. We thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this issue.
Since your developers (should) work on alliance speed ups, any chance they might also fix the 4-years old University Speed Up bug?
Am having an issue where (sometimes - not all the time) retrain button is greyed out after a troop donation, stating that retrain is unavailable because it would exceed capacity. Very frustrating when I have an Instant Retrain running and I have to wait to manually train troops.
Also, is anyone else having a problem with the purchase system? After the update I can longer purchase through Google Play.


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When will you start testing these updates before rolling out and stuffing up everyones game, will you ever learn or just dont give a crap? Happens far too often