DomiNations Update 11.4 - Defensive Library Update


Greetings Leaders,

Update 11.4 is on the way with a tentative release date of Monday 12/12 (target release date could change should our final checks reveal major issues). Players will need to prepare to update to this version in order to participate in Wars. This is a major update to your Library research! We’ve also implemented a few UI updates to correct some visual issues that have been appearing. Additionally, we’ve done some cleanup on Drone Command related issues that popped up as well!

Defensive Library Bookcase

In our push to bring Defensive players up to speed, we’ve added a new bookcase to the Library that focuses exclusively on defensive improvements.

This new Bookcase will be unlocked as soon as the Library is built with all Level 1 books unlocked by default. The topics of research are as follows:

Upon Unlock of Library
  • Tower Defense
    • Level 1 - +5% Tower Damage
    • Level 2 - +5% Tower Health
    • Level 3 - +7% Tower Damage
    • Level 4 - +7% Tower Health
    • Level 5 - +10% Tower Damage

  • Mortars
    • +5% Tower Damage
    • +5% Mortar Health
    • +7% Tower Damage
    • +7% Mortar Health
    • +1 Mortar Limit
      • (Towers refer to Towers, NOT Mortar Towers)

  • Bulwark
    • +2% Wall Health
    • +5% Bastion Health
    • +2% Wall Health
    • +5% Bastion Health
    • +3% Bastion Slow

  • Sally Forth
    • Spawn +1 Troops from Garrison (Max Defenders)
    • Spawn +1 Troops from Armored Ambush
    • Spawn +2 Troops from Garrison (Max Defenders)
    • Spawn +3 Troops from Ambush Trap
    • Spawn +3 Troops from Garrison (Max Defenders)

Industrial Age
  • Protector
    • +5% Tower Damage
    • +5% Ballista Tower Damage
    • +5% Sniper Tower Damage
    • +5% Redoubt Damage
    • +5% Catapult Damage
  • Safeguard
    • +5% Tower Health
    • +5% Ballista Tower Health
    • +5% Sniper Tower Health
    • +5% Redoubt Health
    • +5% Catapult Health
  • Disruption
    • -5% Enemy Heavy Tank Damage
    • -5% Enemy Commando Health
    • -5% Enemy Heavy Tank Health
    • -5% Enemy General Damage
    • -5% Enemy Machine Gun Infantry Damage
  • Stronghold
    • +5% Stronghold Damage
    • +5% Stronghold Health
    • +7% Stronghold Damage
    • +7% Stronghold Health
    • +10% Stronghold Damage

Digital Age
  • Battle Stations
    • +3% Mortar Fire Rate
    • +3% Redoubt Fire Rate
    • +3% Missile Silo Fire Rate
    • +3% Bunker Spawn Rate
    • +1 Anti Tank Gun Building
  • Fortify
    • +5% Garrison Health
    • +5% Stable Health
    • +5% Rocket Arsenal Health
    • +5% Bunker Health
    • +1 Max Defenders from Bunker
  • Early Preparation
    • +10% S.A.M. Battery Damage
    • +10% Claymore Damage
    • +10% Armored Ambush Damage
    • +10% Caltrops Damage Reduction
    • +1 Armored Ambush Trap Limit
  • Blackout
    • -10% Enemy Recon Plane Duration
    • -10% Enemy Generals’ Damage
    • -10% Enemy Bazooka Damage
    • -10% Enemy Bomber Damage
    • -10% Enemy Heavy Tank Damage
  • Capstone
    • +1 Bunker

Additional Drone Age Point Upgrades
  • This update adds additional upgrade levels to the following:
    • 4 additional Command Post Levels
      • We’re implementing these additional levels to make sure the Tubman Capstone Skill is caught up to where the skill was previously left off based on the Garrison Building. As such we will be discounting the resource cost by 50% for the four upgrade levels (starting with Space Age) upon release of 11.4. When the discount goes live it will last for 7-days. The discount will only appear if you have downloaded the 11.4 update, so be sure to manually update when this becomes available for your region.
    • War Academy
    • War Tactics: all receive one additional level
    • Decoy (Trap) one additional level
    • Ambush Trap one additional level

Winter Aesthetic
  • Winter has arrived in Dominations! We’ve updated the map with a winter theme to match the season.
Additional Fixes
  • Maori War Club buffs now apply to Troop Tactics
    • A small oversight as other Legendary Artifacts applied to both Generals and Troop Tactics in the past, Maori War Club is no exception to that rule.
  • Fixed errors in UI for Marco Polo
    • Removed an additional Oil Barrel sprite when in the resource trade window
    • Corrected the position of the tooltip box when tapping right side items at Marco Polo
  • Fixed visual issue with offensive drones in battle prep window
  • Wrong Default unit selected in troop tray corrected
    • Removed the second normal rally icon that appeared for some players in the troop tray
  • Retraining Troops not retraining all units after Drone Command Release
  • Corrected issue where a charged directive would lose a charge after friendly challenge
  • Implemented a fix to remove an exploit where Players could win wars with impossibly fast times.

Update 12/14
Added clarity to some definitions of the Defensive Bookcase in regards to Mortar Chapters, Sally Forth Chapters, and Fortify Chapters.
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it's not going to make a difference all was well but adding coalition level super boost offence as again offence is troop specic coalition while defense is just base value so the same troops that go through a base at 2 min can now do it on 120
will industrial and digital age new library be available to current drone age players because of not a current industrial age doing that and digital research would be stronger than a current drone age player once they reach drone age
a step in the right direction for defence but you know a bookcase for the times in this game with a capstone of reduced citizens for all things would be good and a bookcase on expiditions cause people still think it is worthless
Throughout the game’s history things have been nerfed, it’s becoming a joke.
People spend plenty of time and money creating certain styles then Nexon/BHG change things up and money spent then becomes worthless,
All they care about is profit for themselves just ask some of the employees that have given things to players for money 🧐
I am hopeful this will work the percentage seem too small to make a difference I just pray it works and that all the museum works the council works the parliment cannon works, and 2 tanks actually come out of a bunker at the same age not what's been happening that the tanks are all level 1 mortar from base hasn't killed a single troop since enlightened age anti tank guns fire too slow and there is no defense to help with helicopter mortar and artillery the range and damage of the offense is farther the. the defense ranges and those that are equal offense always fires first, and all that spawning and some rate of fire plus drone and movement and attack speed I fear is going to lag so bad that it will take multiple updates to. fix and possibly new devices to handle the frames per second
so buy a new phone or pad increase your monthly payment pay around 1000$ just to see if it works then wait 10. days for a fix for half the issue then another 10 for 1/4 and then another 10 for Just under 100% big free as we have never played the game bug. free since 2015 hopefully maybe possibly we could again I better not have to buy a new phone to have the speed I'm already on the previous Galaxy
Nice moves but how about making the helipad a permanent building instead of the extra useless mortar?
Also, make the command post spawn troops like other defensive buildings—not just once.
Fix the parliament cannon range and make it fire in a straight line.
It’s a step in the right direction but you can do more. Anyway, nice job but we need more!
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Nice moves but how about making the helipad a permanent building instead of the extra useless mortar?
Also, make the command post spawn troops like other defensive buildings—not just once.
Fix the parliament cannon range and make it fire in a straight line.
It’s a step in the right direction but you can do more. Anyway, nice job but we need more!
yeah... the command post needs to spawn continously with more hitpoints and the stronghold needs a cannon and spawn unique troops (its a stronghold not a mortar). rhe capstone should be +1 range for all defensive buildings over an extra bunker.

also please fix the parliament cannon and animation. i agree
that was a hell of a surprise for us! We didnt see that coming for sure!
I believe that this will fix the injustice between offence and defence. When we have all these new buildings done and the research done, D bases will not fall that easily anymore. Nice !!