DomiNations Update v11.2.5 - Oil Resource Update


Greetings Leaders,

Update 11.2.5 is rolling out live with multiple backend updates, some of which include network stability in battle scenarios. This update also includes a major revision to Oil with increased resource generation and how looting Oil from an enemy base works.

Many of you have been very vocal in asking for an update to Oil, a resource that is a necessity at higher ages as it helps to train some of the most impactful units in your Army compositions. We agree that as we continue to add Ages, they continue to gain more dependency on this resource exclusively. We’ve come to a point where updating how you collect this resource is also in need of an update to continue to remain on pace with each subsequent update and to improve the future state of DomiNations.

In the Oil Update, you can expect the following changes:
  • Increased Oil Storage and Oil Generation
  • Reducing the amount of Oil Stolen at earlier Ages from Defending bases while keeping the amount Attackers steal the same.
    • Originally, at base value Attackers could steal half of the available Oil in a Defending base across all Ages. With this update, we’ve reduced the base value amount starting at 25% for an Enlightenment Age base and then increasing with each age up to Digital. Steal-able Oil from Digital to Drone Age will remain at 43% with this update.
  • Attackers will have an increased amount of Bonus Oil when Attacking Bases.

With these changes, earlier Ages will see the most dramatic differences in their Oil resource. We hope this helps players have an easier time Aging up from Enlightenment and beyond. Once you start researching and improving your Units at this Age, Oil continually becomes a necessity to make improvements. This update should help to explore the possibilities at a faster pace while preparing to Age up.

Additional fixes alongside update 11.2.5 include:
  • Improved messaging around instances where retraining isn’t available
    • To remove the confusion from the current Network Disconnect “Yellow Circle”/Retrain issues, we’ve implemented messaging when a troop is untrainable. Now the Retrain button will appear disabled, and when selecting it, you will see a window that shows what upgrade is blocking your ability to Retrain.
  • Fixed an issue where Bastion placement could cause issues with placing other structures
  • Fixed issues surrounding some unit art that was not appearing as their correct Age
I couldn’t care less about those changes In oil looting or anything related to it, I’m perfectly ok with my Museum buffs which allow me to get the rss I need fast enough. You should really listen to the stuff that really matters to us players. What has been really annoying is you have been releasing multiple updates lately, to fix what you break and even a hot fix here and there, still you keep breaking things, which is terribly annoying…
with this update you broke the map editor, it’s glitched and now there’s no way to build a new war base, once you finish it and log off then get back in game you will see that new layout will be all messed up, just a few scattered buildings and walls will be showing, not even in the right place and everything else has been removed as if unfinished 😡😡
Additionally, spinning circle while trying to go to your War map is back.
so forget about oil and better fix the map editor and the spinning circle issue.
I’d really want to see the day where you don’t break things on every update, but it looks like I’m talking about imposibles…
You are suggesting that every Enlightenment, Industrial, and Global player should join the top 200 alliances to learn how to be awesome at gaining oil?
Yes, why not?
There are many alliance's and players in top 200 or 300 or 400 who will help player with good tips.
I was small player also and get good tips and why not to help somebody.
For you ,that is problem and that's OK, but that player can go to other alliance and get help.
And suddenly my phone is not compatible with this game anymore....
MIUI Global 13.0.2
Android Version: 12 SKQ1.211019.001

Please fix this, i dont think, this is really necessary
Excuse me, I have drone, cw and industrial age.
Oil is not problem at any age from the time when they rase oil bonus from battle.
Now is very easy at any age to collect oil. If for you is problem that is saying something else.
The fact that you and some others (myself included) don't have any problem collecting oil doesn't change the fact that there are thousands of people who have to grind for oil. There's different strokes for different folks - dismissing other people's grind is petty.
If it's going to be easier for everyone to collect oil, your game isn't affected - so what's the point of making a narrow minded comment?
Hey guys.
One of my freind asked about this error.can anybody tell me what is mean ?!
Its retrain error."not enough slot;!!


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Hey guys.
One of my freind asked about this error.can anybody tell me what is mean ?!
Its retrain error."not enough slot;!!
This is one of the new messages we've implemented into the game to try and clear up the reasons why you may be unable to retrain troops. Your friend may be seeing this due to perhaps upgrading a building that would make it inaccessible to train from.
Maybe this info help someone:
One of my player used IRB.after attack he charged silo manually(Red button),Then he lost the ability to use the blessing.
Hello. Tell me please
1) Is it possible to translate news into other languages? Unfortunately, Google translator does not translate the article correctly. It would be convenient to receive full information about the update in the game itself in your native language.
2) What is the update for me, as it was 325,000 oil, it is in the age of drones, as the drilling rig produces 725 oil per hour and it does. I didn't notice any changes